Saturday, September 23, 2006

9-11, Iraq Is Paying the PRICE

President Bush is still misleading the World and American public opinion emotionally through using the pretext (war against terrorism). In his speech broadcast on Monday , the fifth anniversary of 9/11, he played his emotion game to defend the war in Iraq, although many democratic politicians criticized him for politicizing a national day of mourning. He described a “brutal enemy still determined to kill Americans, perhaps with weapons of mass destruction if they get the chance”.
Reviewing the situation after 9/11, the day that changed the world, we will find that Iraq had paid and still the highest price. The whole country and state was destroyed becoming the “first front on the war of terrorism” as Nouri Al-Maliky, the Iraqi Prime Minister confirmed while visiting US weeks ago.
The Baghdad morgue announced receiving 1458 shout dead bodies last August, (the number indicates the civilians victims in Baghdad only).. Al-Sabah, the government supported IMN daily, quoted the general inspector of the ministry of health on August 13 saying that the victims of the violence in Baghdad reduced 50% in August!! Maj. Gen. William B. Caldwell wrote in the same meaning saying, “However, the violence Baghdad endured in July receded during the month of August. Attacks in Baghdad were well below the monthly average for July. Since August 7, the murder rate in Baghdad dropped 52 percent from the daily rate for July.”
The two statements could give a clear view on the civilian victims of violence in Baghdad only since no official and non-official institutes in Iraq and US are ready to give the accurate number of the civilian casualties in Iraq. So, 1458 shot dead bodies in August were the 50% of the causalities in July!!
Although the intelligence committee of the Congress issued their latest report last week confirming that there was no relation between Saddam Hussein regime and Al-Qaeda, Bush is still speaking about “enemies” in Iraq “will attack the Americans”!! Iraq, the Bush pretext toward defending his alleged war against terrorism, instead of becoming a symbol of democracy became a symbol of a destroyed and weak state could be divided any time if the Bush backed Kurds continue their plans in having Kirkuk, the oil rich city, as the capital city for their “region”, the step that incites the Shiites to establish their region in the central and southern Iraq. The national Accord Front, Sunnis, that gave the Kurds their word in supporting establishing their northern region are refusing the establishment of the Shiite region and threatened to stop supporting Kurds if they will support the Shiite project. The other Sunnis in the Iraqi Parliament, and Iriqiya bloc, led by Ayad Allawi, and Shiite parties with in the United Iraqi Alliance, led by Abdul aziz Al-Hakim, are refusing the Shiite project.
The Sunnis who participated in the political process on the condition of re writing the Constitution are insisting on their condition otherwise they will withdrew from the political scene. The Iraqi constitution does not allow establishing regions on ethnic and sectarian basis, yet the Kurds are insisting on their demands and going ahead in their plans especially after their Parliament finished writing their constitution insisting on having Kirkuk.. Iraq is going from worse to worse; the Parliament involved in discussing the Shiite project and the Barzani’s decree of not raising the Iraqi flag in “Kurdistan”. So, Iraq is paying the price with out having any relation with the “terrorists” who targeted US.. Till when Bush will mislead the world? No body could answer..

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bush, TERRORISM and Iraq

In his latest speech regarding his war on “terrorism”, President George Bush repeated what he was telling in his previous speeches, attacking Islam and Moslems all over the world and swearing to win the war in Iraq otherwise the war would be in the American streets. He considers winning the war in Iraq as the most important step in his global war against terrorism; no matter the disaster brought in to Iraq that kills more than 1500 civilian Iraqis every month in the last six months while no body knows the real number of the civilian causalities in Iraq from April 9 2003 till now.
Although Bush failed in finding a direct or indirect relation between Saddam Hussein and Al-Qaida; yet he is still trying to play emotionally on the American public opinion which is misled by the mainstream media news about what could terrorism would commit against the Americans. Let Iraqis die every day to give the American a safety world.
In Iraq, the situation is going from worse to worse while the visiting Iraqi vice president to America Adil abdul Mahdy and his American hosts assured that there is no civil or sectarian war in Iraq! In one week 120 Shiite families were forced to leave their houses in Al-Quds neighborhood, north Baghdad, and almost the same numbers of Sunni families were forced to leave their houses from different areas in Baghdad. Those who left their houses, Sunnis and Shiites, are saying that they received a hand written message ordering them to leave the area with a bullet as a singe while refusing they will be killed; Killings between Sunnis and Shiites are now more numerous and more lethal than attacks on occupation forces. The Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliky who is trying his best through his reconciliation intuitive to stop the daily blood bath; yet many serious problems are being facing him without finding a solution. The general services reached the almost the zero level while the insecurity is seizing the Iraqis inside the houses before the sundown. Many Baghdadi areas are under joint Iraqi and American military siege for the last week; the Parliament postponed its first session after the summer holiday because the majority of its members are not back from the vacation out side Iraq!! Midst these problems Masoud Barzani, the President of Iraqi Kurdistan region, issued a decree to take down the Iraqi flag in the whole region creating another serious problem for the central government. While maliky demanded rising the Iraqi flag all over Iraq, Barzani said that the Kurds chose staying with in Iraq by their own decision yet the Iraqi flag that he labeled as Saddam flag won’t raise in the northern Iraq again and instead the region will raise the July 14th 1958 flag!! Many Arab politicians became angry but no Kurdish response!! The Iraqi Kurdish President Jalal Talbani supposedly ruling Iraq under the so labeled Sadadm flag, Hoshiar Zibari, the Iraqi Kurdish minister of foreign affairs, is representing Iraq under the same flag. It seems that Barzani who is doing his best toward having the oil rich Kirkuk; began his strength shows from now till the supposed referendum regarding Kirkuk by the half term of the coming year. It is obvious that he will not hear any body except him self while exchanging roles with Talbani who declared the Iraqi flag that will be chosen by the Parliament will be raised all over the country!! Talbani in his turn responded angrily to Ayad Allawi, the former transitional prime minister who announced from Amman that the Higher National Council for Security is doing no thing.. Talbani said that the council is working but Allawi is not in Iraq. Barzani refusing the Iraqi flag ‘because under this flag the Kurds were gassed and killed” and he is pretending to forget that under the same flag Saddam forces rescued him and his forces from Talbani forces that were occupying Erbil in August 1996.
While Iraq has fallen apart; blood and tears are every where; Kurds are playing for their own internists; Abdul Aziz Al-hakim is continuing educating the Iraqi Shiites toward establishing their federal region in the southern Iraq; Turkmen members in Kirkuk city council boycotted the council protesting the new normalization committee established with out discussing with Turkmen parties; far from these disputes, the Iraqis are paying very high prices for the Bush false dream to create a democratic, pro-American (and pro-Israeli) federal state; but the fact is Bush and his team and Iraqi collaborators destroyed Iraq, the country used to play a great role in the region pushing it toward violent instability which threatens to infect the whole region.
Back to Bush speech on terrorism; while there is no a certain definition of terrorism and according to UN, US Patriot Act and Iraqi Act on terrorism, the terrorism is killing civilians, no body is killing the civilians in Iraq and else where except Bush through his faults.