Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Another Victim

A new black banner in our area mourns the martyr Atheer Abdul Khalik Al-Tarfy, 25 years old who was killed by dirty criminals.
I saw the banner yesterday; Atheer was killed two days ago.
Atheer was on his way home coming from Baghdad. He was in a minibus with 10 other passengers. In Al-Udhaim, the town about 110km north of Baghdad, they should slow down because of an American patrol. Americans has the right of firing any car alleging self defense; especially Al-Udhaim is a dangerous place for the Americans
All of sudden one of the Americans humvees stopped. One of its wheels needed to be changed. The driver of the minibus did know what to do. They are going to shot his minibus if he would stop. So he decided to drive slowly; as soon as he became close to the Americans; one American soldier opened his fire right and left killing 9 passengers; Atheer was one of them.
At home, Al-Hurra, the American TV directed to the Iraqis and Arabs, was interviewing Abbas Al-Bayati, the member of the so called national assembly and two politicians about the law of fighting the terrorism in Iraq. According to Al-Bayati red in the drafting law the terrorist is every body kills, blackmails, terrorizes, threatens, horrified the others; exactly what the Americans are doing in Iraq.
The American Administration is leading the international terrorism in Iraq, Afghanistan and in 45 other countries where the American forces are being deployed.
This administration, whoever the president is, terrorizes not only the world but the American themselves. Please read this important book "The Cultural Cold war" and you will discover the crimes committed by different American presidents against the Americans for almost 50 years until the collapse of the Soviet Union.


Blogger fuzzle said...

Yes, lets remember what American presidents have done because absolutely NO OTHER leaders on EARTH have EVER done anything BAD like KILLING. Only Americans kill, right? Only American soldiers kill Iraqis, right? Holy cow, you need to shut this blog down - I bet you're living in America somewhere living it up and enjoying our lifestylke while admonishing it at the same time. get a life. Americans are wrong most of the time - BUT SO IS EVERYONE ELSE. Including you.

Maybe you should try to help instead of hinder. Maybe you're the one who blew up my friends. Maybe you know who did. Occupation is occupation only when you make it that way. Your little Iraqi buddies are forcing Americans to stay there - they don't want to be there any more than anyone else wants them there. DO you think they like living in your desert and getting shot at every day by the people they're trying to help? The government put them there - that's no reason to call them stupid and kill them off like you kill off your own people. They would be GONE by now if you weren't killing all of them every day.

Personally, I wish we had left Saddam in power. You people deserve him. At least he brought stability to the country - and it's obvious you never wanted anything but to be told what to do by religious fanatics. I wish they'd left him there so he could have tortured you to death... so then you might know what it was like for the american soldiers you so profess to hate.

Go to hell.

6:41 AM  
Blogger Evelyn said...

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9:06 PM  
Blogger Evelyn said...

I apologize for the ignorant callousness of "fuzzle". He is a poor representative of humanity.

9:08 PM  
Blogger dancewater said...

I'm so sorry for all the tragedy that has happened in Iraq, and I am trying hard to get the US troops and government out of there.

It breaks my heart that Iraqis are suffering at the hands of Americans when they didn't do anything to us at all.

8:37 PM  
Blogger dancewater said...

Also, please continue to post stories and information on what is happening and who was killed or hurt.... the more information we have the better.

Right now, lots of Americans think the "insurgents" kill more civilians than the US/UK troops.

We have no way of knowing how many civilians have been killed, since no one is collecting the information. That fact alone says a great deal (none of it good) about what the US/UK government intends for Iraq.

8:39 PM  
Blogger xmarine0311 said...

okay all i have to say is do you ever notice that all your stories about the americans which you obviously hate start with them being attacked? You must obvioulsy all now more than me cause you watch cnn or live in iraqi and have the ability to grasp chaos but all the people i have spoken with that server in iraq all tell me the exact same thing.... their ROE rules of engagement are to fire only when and engaged so we are not sending people to kill iraqis as every logical person has said to you people ten million times STOP SHOOTING AT US AND WE WILL LEAVE!!!!!! i doubt anyone wants to give up their nice cozy homes that dont stink and have indoor plumbing to be in your country!!!!!!! also as all americans say i am very sorry that innocent people are getting killed but what do you expect? iraqis allow war to happen in thier back yards in america if someone were to fire a rpg in their backyard they would call the police and tell them!!!! looking the other way isnt gonna help anything!!1 and would an iraqi please tell me this WHAT DO YOU WANT THEN!! please tell me cuz i have yet to see it all i see is whining and no one doing anything you cry about the violence and the only people we can get to stop it are only in it for the money!!!! 70% of the iraqi army will desert the second the americans leave just watch and then you proud people of the desert can go back to killing eachother as you have been long before we every came around just stay the hell out of my country were gonna end of having to shut the borders down. and with that subject your always talking about the US and its image why dont you take a look at yourselves people are gonna be afraid of arabs for a long time after this its about time some step up and put down this crap.......

12:18 AM  
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