Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Sorry for not being with you last week. It was the first week of Ramadan; the most ritual month for us the Moslems. I hope the last word "Moslems" will not evoke those Americans who are offending and sending me to the hell only because I am telling the truth. The Americans, of course I am not speaking against them all because I have tens of Americans friends who are very noble, I mean those who are attacking my blog have nothing to defend their administration faults in destroying my country. Their faults generated more than 100 000 Iraqi civilian causalities and more than 2000 Americans soldiers were killed (of course it is the announced number!!).
I will not answer those American who are asking me to go to the hell because I am living already in the hell. Bush managed to convert Iraq from a dream into hell. I ask them to read Jimmy Massey book "KILL...KILL...KILL". Jimmy was with the American Marines for the last 12 years; he was in Iraq in the last 24 months. In Iraq, he discovered that they did not go to liberate the Iraqis as he was told but to destroy the country and kill the civilians. The American authorities did not allow publishing his book in American, so he published it in Paris. I hope the all Americans will read the book to discover the truth; then they will decide to send Bush to the hell.
I am writing to make you feel us in Iraq. I do appreciate your tears; yet we need an action that could stop this absurd.
Still the Americans, if they are friends or not, owe us, the Iraqis, because we are dying to give them a safer world!


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Message to Iraqi Woman - I am sorry about what my criminal and satanic and death-loving elitist government is doing to your country and your people and your dreams and your children's future. I wish that I had the power to stop this resource war insanity.

Message to others who blog here - I am an American who see the truth. Killing innocent people is wrong. I have lived in many countries. Common people are all the same everywhere, regardless of religion or anything else. You who promote killing innocent are already dead, and employed and possessed by satan, regardless of your stated beliefs.

Message to automatic text robots - why don't you guys stop sending SPAM to all the blogs in the world and get a life worth living? Do you really think that an Iraqi woman will respond to your stupid sales promotion made from an automatic program and make you rich. Go get a life worth living.


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