Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Enjoy the Winter!

It is autumn (fall) the season that I love or loved when life was possible in Iraq as I say always.
Winter is coming.. Do you ever try to wait winter alone with no hope and dream?
It is the 25th winter in Iraq under wars, sanctions and occupation. Winter after another we began losing friends, relatives and beloved persons. It was a winter day when I lost my father years ago. He was 62 years old; passed away in his first heart attack. There were no medicines in the hospitals because of the sanctions!! It was a winter day when the Americans began with 2500 warplanes bombing Baghdad and Iraq; it was a winter day when the Americans again began invading my country.
Winter: the intimate love nights; the warm rain days; such winter is not in Iraq. Before the occupation I used to be friend with the first drop of the rain I could follow it on my window. Then follow it on the streets dancing with the lights of the cars. Now, I could not feel that drop because opening the window while American vehicles are in the streets would evoke the American soldiers who have the right to defend them selves and kill me.
Winter, occupation and alone!! Could you imagine?
Before the occupation, wars and sanctions, when my country had no diplomatic relations with USA, winter was beautiful in Iraq. In Iraq southern west desert, there was a winter resort. Ten of small villas, 15 apartments and a small restaurant located close to Sawa Lake, about 400 km south west of Baghdad. There in the desert, it was possible to catch a star; the sky was too near. That complex was looted and burnt in 1991 becoming a station for the smugglers in addition to those who left Iraq for different reasons and came back with the Americans!! Many of them worked as guides in front of the American forces!!
While I am writing my feelings, an ID exploded before a while in Baghdad, a car bomb killed 30 civilians in Tel Afer..
American and their Iraqi collaborators are ready to burn Iraq to make the Iraqis feel insecure forcing them to say "YES" in the Saturday referendum. We, the Iraqis, know very well that Bush needs the constitution more than us. He is trying to save his face; if there is a face.. Approving the constitution will give him that chance. We are going to say "NO". Yet we know that the constitution is being approved!
Winter; tiny peaces of clouds here and there are challenging the sun; managing to cover a part of it. We are like that clouds. We managed to disclose the American's agenda in our country and we will mange inshalalh to clean our country.
One winter we will feel the love again in Iraq. The American's agenda in Iraq took 30 years from my life.. How many 30 years I have more to enjoy life and winter?