Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Do Not Kill Our Children

On Sunday, only hours after the referendum, Americans killed 25 civilians in Ramadi, 20 children were among them! According to the sources of the Ramadi general hospital, the children were gathering near a destroyed humvee. An ID exploded killing five American soldiers and destroying the vehicle. The civilians gathered, as Iraqis; use to do even when a car bomb kills tens of them.
Americans did not kill the children for the first time. They use to kill Iraqi civilians by their "friendly fires" for different pretexts. Those children were killed to "protect the American military industry secrets". Although the Americans did not announce this pretext this time; but they used it when they killed ten of children in Haifa Street were gathering near a destroyed American tank.. Without any shame, their communiqué s stated that they were protecting their military industry secrets!! As if the Iraqi children are "James Bond"s..
On the same day, the American forces killed three from the bodyguards of the Diyala governor by "mistake".
Sorry for not writing daily. I am like the other Iraqis very confused waiting the official results of the referendum. Proudly I said NO. I am not against the State of law and Constitution; but I am against a constitution written by the Americans instructions.
Back to the killed children; we did not hear the high-ranking Iraqi officials condemning the crime. Why to condemn? They are from Ramadi that said NO to the constitution and before to the occupation. We need you to condemn as high as you could: DO NOT KILL THE IRAQI CHILDREN. Iraqi children have their enough. They are living under severe psychological conditions; about 60% from them are living under poverty line. Thousands of them became street children.
America invaded Iraq using many fake pretext; building the Iraqi future was among them.. What a future through killing Iraqi children?
Can anybody answer me?


Blogger captain beyond said...

Blessings upon you, woman and may you find peace and comfort as well as safety for you and yours. Know that not all of us in America sanction the murder of your people by our government. For what small meaning it may have, know that the hearts of many of us are broken for the dead children of Iraq.

10:50 AM  
Blogger nanoman said...

captain beyond,

if not all of you in America sanction the murder of this womans people, how come the murder is still going on, now for more than two years already ?

Your hearts may be broken, but your wills aren't, I hope.

1:13 AM  
Blogger Iraq Jamiil said...

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3:43 AM  
Blogger Iraq Jamiil said...

My heart aches for you, Iraqi tear.... I know exactly what Iraqi children are going through and I stand in solidarity with all of you

3:46 AM  
Blogger xmarine0311 said...

where were the parents? dead?, if so wheres the community? ORPHANAGES? o wait those were looted and destroyed(but that our fault huh?) see its hard for you to understand why we would bomb that tank but its hard for us to understand why anyone would be there? 1 COMBAT ZONES ARENT FOR KIDS!!!!2 THINGS THAT GET BLOWN UP TEND TO BLOW UP AGAIN THATS WHY YOU SHOULDNT CLIMB IN THE BURNING TANK LITTLE MUHAMMED...Point being maybe iraqis and americans have a thought process conflict....see in the US people tend to move away from violence....... o and about americans killing more civilians than the insurgents NO CRAP WE AINT THE ONES USING THEM AS SHIELDS!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH WHY ARE PEOPLE SO STUPID!!!!!!!!!!! i would glady give the shirt off my back to anyone in need iraqi american even french but we cant help people that want us to help them but dont want us to help them we cant stop the violence unless we work together and for all you that say americans are so violent i can say i have never heard a gunshot fired in anger my whole life i cant count the number of fist fights ive seen on my hands and have never commited a crime in my life so i dont think so just because i play GTA and listen to heavy metal dont make me a murderer if anyone of our boys are murderers most were made so by their lovely experience in your county and the others are just plain CRAZY!!! and we cant help that but at least we try!!! what can you say IRAQ? you were given the greatest gift in the world your freedom you can say your just puppets for us but thats because you are ignorant in a democracy the majority rules so when ever you guys deciede to put down the guns and try VOTING you can vote for what ever the heck you want vote us out PLEASE!!!! maybe you should replace the word Kill with vote in arabic maybe that will help instead of shooting the opposing canidate try debating against him or gaining more supporters for you own cause but thats too hard huh? its easier just to shake your fist in the air and say damn americans instead of saying what can i do to help and its nice to see they finally gave up the blood for oil thing cause i havent seen even the slightest drop in my gas prices so i would like someone to explain that to me please....... the WMD eh well theres not much to say bout that OUR BAD! what do you want me to say the american people would vote britney spears into office if she ran the bush reign is almost to an end and them maybe we can get a normal person in office to get things done in the middle east because the rest of the world is tired of being threatened by them......

12:49 AM  
Blogger olivebranch said...

I tell you,
the future is there still,

but the killing does not help your future. The occupation must end soon, but Iraqi's must somehow try to change the pre-defined results of this election....

the Iraqi's have the chance, but it is so slim as to be almost impossible.

This means there will be more hell to endure before the light at the end of the tunnel can be reached.

the only light that truely shines for Iraqi's right now is you, and other Iraqi intellects and bloggers alike.

The truth and your dedication makes a real difference to your future as a country. I have set the priority in my life to help you people.

My life has only just begun, I am only 19 but I have had this as a goal for 3 years now, so I assure you I have made progress towards having an influence in your future.

Don't give up, remember there is me and many others like me out there...

1:32 AM  
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