Thursday, November 02, 2006

Any Body Coild Help? Could Stop Killing the IRAQIS?

The following profs and academics were killed in Baghdad during the last two months:
Today, the family announced finding the shot dead body of Dr Najdat Al-Salihi, 35 years prof in the department of psychology- Mustamsiriya University, he was kidnapped 20 days ago with his driver in area close to the university..(The university is occupied with the followers of Muqtada Al-Sadr and Mahdy Army, his militia)
Today, Pro Dr Mohammed Jassim Al Thahbi, dean of the administration and economy faculty baghdd university, he was attacked and killed close to the gate of the faculty, his wife, a prof too in the same faculty, and son were killed with him.
Dr Saad Shilash, PhD in journalism, the director of the editing board of Rayat Al Rab weekly, was killed 10 days ago, he was attacked at his house; his wife was killed with him.
Dr Khlid Ibrahim Mousa, Prof, PhD, lecture in faculty of medicine- Baghdad Uni was killed in an ambush, September, 2006
DR Yahya Al_Janabi, PhD, doctor in the General Hospital in Sadr City, was kidnapped, then released, kidnapped again from the hospital, found shot dead in Baghdad morgue, September 18 2006
During last August and September, 6 Profs of medicine were killed in Baghdad: Dr Uday Al-Beiruty, Prof, PhD, facukty of medicine - Nahryn Uni-baghdad, he was kidnapped Sep 20 from the park of the university, his tortured dead body was found in Sadr City, Dr Ashkur Arslan, Prof, PhD, faculty of medicine- Bgahdad Uni, was killed by the death squads in Baghdad; Dr Adil Al=Mansouri, Prof, PhD, faculty of medicine- Bgahdad Uni, his tortured dead body was found in Sadr City; Dr Ahmed Abdul Qadil Al-Rifaee, PhD[center of the women health, specialist in breast cancer, his tortured dead body was found in Sadr City; Dr Tawfeeq Al-Khishaky , found killed some where west Baghdad after he was kidnapped from his clinic.
Any body could help? Any body could feel our tears in our hearts? Any body would tell bloody Bush he is mean terrorist? Any body could stop the death squads? Any body? Or there is no body…


Blogger Bryan Bender said...

Thank you for your site. I am a report and would like to do s story about the deaths of so many Iraqi acedmics and other intellectuals. How might I contact you directly?

Bryan Bender
Boston Globe

2:46 PM  
Blogger Lord Cerne Abbas said...

Iraqi Lady, don't trust any Yank "reporters" who can't spell "reporter". ZOG won't let them tell the truth in America. They pretend innocence when we all know Saddam Hussein started out as a CIA agent. You can't trust Yanks. Don't give away your location to any Yank "reporters". The way I see it is that if it has a Yank accent, it could be a CIA spy.

3:22 AM  
Blogger the woman i was said...

dear lord cerne abbas,
many thanks for your comments; i could feel your anger.
i know that no body could trust the yankis.. i know taht the americans are not worthy for those who are being killed by bush to give them a "safer world".. who wants to write about the iraqis; to write the truth, could contact me through this site.
one day we will inshallah celebrate the fall of usa; then the americans will discover how much they were misled.
all the best

1:28 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

"Any body would tell bloody Bush he is mean terrorist?"

Uh, no. I'd like to tell you that I think you are a stupid as a backdoor though. Mind you, I'm being polite.

Outlaw Mike/Belgium

2:48 PM  
Blogger the woman i was said...

you are as bloody as bush and other europeans and americans who could not see far from their noses.. you are polite!! you are a chip from the bush; go ahead; yet do not comment on my posting again.
no regards

10:29 AM  
Blogger Fatima said...

who would want scientists and intellectuals to be killed , nuclear scientists too ? Only the true enemis of Iraq , not iraqis. so the future Generations of iraq wont find decent professors to teach them . I have a strong feeling who is behind it , those who hate so much hate in their hearts for the Arabs and the Muslism. The Police says the Americans in charge do not allow them to investigate any further why not ? and when terrorits are actually arrested a day or two later , they get released by the US forces . (On AL Moustakilla and Democracy channels BY Iraqis themselves )

12:37 PM  
Blogger Hynek said...

i know why lord cerne abbas is telling what he is telling - he like fassist organisation(just check his info) so he like killing. It is too popular to hate usa. But on other hand eu/us is sending incredibly big amount of money to help poeple, to support human., programs, to education..research so many poeple are going to build schools from us or from eu. So many humanitarian project are coming from this countries. Country like egypt are living only from what they got from west ( all historical staff was financed from abroad ) its very easy to hate, but no other countries are providing so big support to help poeple( i mean humanitean, support for local culture) as us/west. Bush is doing a lots of bad thing , but he is representing system, which is helping to poeple trough world( you can remember on it whatever you are doing - majority of research is coming from there). It is so easy to blame easy visible target. Just check history of europe - there was t same like it is now in iraq - if religion is too powerful, result can by only war. It was so many times before, it will be in future also. I am coming from country, where majority of poeple are ateist becouse this. Powerful clerics == controled crowd == war. Nobody like cleric there.

4:58 PM  
Blogger Lord Cerne Abbas said...

Who is killing Iraqis, Hynek? Who are the fascists? The people sat in the Zionist state of Israel, while the people you call fascists are supporting Iraqis.

Check out Aryan Nations at

srael ’s ongoing crimes against the Lebanese and Palestinian peoples have apparently replenished the huge reservoir of anti-Americanism throughout the Muslim world.

Arab and Muslim masses from Morocco to Indonesia are feeling, quite justifiably, that America is the enabler of Israeli criminality which has claimed additional hundreds of fresh victims, including numerous children annihilated with their families by American-supplied bombs and missiles.

The US government not only gave Israel the military tools to commit genocidal crimes in Gaza and Lebanon but also provided the political-diplomatic cover which allowed Israel to perpetrate these crimes with impunity.

We are doing the best we can for the Iraqi people. We can't help it if the brain-dead people like you believe Zionist lies. We just want our countries back, the same way that the Iraqi people want their country back.

The Bombing of Mosque's in Iraq

If you believe that the Iraqi people are blowing up their own Mosque’s you're falling for what the Zionists want the world to believe. The Sheite Muslims are those that are conspiring and working with the amerikans helping the amerikans to bring democracy, namely westernization, to the Middle East. Democracy allows jewish interference and capitalization to dominate a society in which the jews could not otherwise interfere with. It brings down hundreds and in Iraq's case thousands of years of religious and moral values that Islam and much of the Middle East was founded on. It allows the conniving kike to get their claws into and be able to control this oil rich nation. Because, as you know, oil equals money and wherever there's big money to be made and/or money changing hands, there's the jew.

The Sunni Muslims are intent on keeping the jews and their democracy out of Iraq. So their attacks on amerikan and allied forces in their country will remain a constant as will attacks against U.S. and allied nations worldwide. The Sunnis see Islam being watered down and perverted by these foreign invading kaffir using the Sheite to help spread what is being called "moderate Islam." There is no such thing as moderate Islam for there is ONLY one interpretation of the Quran unlike hundreds of versions of Christianity. The jews are trying to infiltrate not only Islamic lands but the very foundation of Islam as like what has been done with true Christianity now being labeled and taught as judeo-christianity. What better way than to establish demon-ocracy in Islamic lands and to have all fighting over the jewish god MONEY!

What is happening in Iraq is not the work of the Iraqi people alone. These bombings are the work of CIA funded terrorism designed to keep Iraq divided among itself. Remember a divided people are easier to control. Get the people to see each other as the enemy to fight against each other makes the occupiers job of total control easier. Since the race card could not be played out in Iraq like it was here in the U.S. the Zionists played the religion card. Compare that to Ireland with the Zionists backing the Catholics in Northern Ireland against the IRA, those that wanted a free united Ireland in the south. I could delve much deeper into what is going on in Iraq but I think that you can see what I am getting at. Bottom line, we do not belong in Islamic lands working as Israeli's terror network interfering with their nations politics.

The yehudi-shataan is our common enemy and it is with them that our collective anger should be upon. Until this enemy is exterminated once and for all there will never be peace. This parasitic menace called world jewry will continue to cause dissension thorough the world utilizing all measures at their disposal till they have what they seek, world domination though judification of the world. We, their sworn enemies, must continue to seek their exposure and demise by any means necessary or the world will remain within their grasp.

DEATH to the jew!
August Kreis

"The jews share boundless hatred of the gentiles, they kill women and children and sow destruction… Israel is today populated by people who are not descendants of the Children of Israel, but rather a mixture of slaves, Aryans and the remnants of the Khazars, and they are not Semites. In other words, people without an identity, whose only purpose is blackmails, theft and control over property and land, with the assistance of the Western countries." - excerpt from the Völkische Beobachter



4:35 PM  
Blogger Lord Cerne Abbas said...

Brethren, You must always contemplate the deeds you are accumulating during your life that those deeds and beliefs are Righteous; for you will never know when your Hour draws neigh. You must live your life in preparation before death arrives and realize that your deeds are all that remain with you when you enter the Hereafter...

'Ali ibn Abu Talib, the Companion of the Prophet (saw) - "Go with this life behind you and go with the next life in front of you. Each life has its children so be from the children of the Hereafter and be not from the children of this world. Today are deeds without reckoning and tomorrow is reckoning without deeds".

"...a link is created between Islam and National-Socialism on an open, honest basis. It will be directed in terms of blood and race from the North, and in the ideological-spiritual sphere from the East." - Obergruppenführer Gottlob Berger; 1942

4:47 PM  
Blogger Lord Cerne Abbas said...

Do not confuse me with the traitors from the BNP, Hynek. They have sold out to the Jews and they shall pay the price of disloyalty.

Ragnarok is fast approaching. The day of reckoning is at hand.

4:50 PM  
Blogger Lord Cerne Abbas said...

And you may be an atheist, but I am the High Priest of the Goddess Nemesis, the Goddess of Divine Retribution.

Nemesis is the executrix of justice. Nemesis, is the just balancer of Fortune's chance.

She is also called Adrasteia, that name appropriate only to the Phrygian Rhea-Cybelé, being interpreted as a Greek word with the meaning,

“She whom none can escape.”

"A little way inland [from Rhamnos, Attika] is a sanctuary of Nemesis, the most implacable deity to men of violence. It is thought that the wrath of this Goddess fell also upon the foreigners [the Persian army] who landed at Marathon. For thinking in their pride that nothing stood in the way of their taking Athens, they were bringing a piece of Parian marble to make a trophy, convinced that their task was already finished. Of this marble Pheidias made a statue of Nemesis, and on the head of the Goddess is a crown with deer and small images of Nike (Victory). In her left hand she holds an apple branch, in her right hand a cup on which are wrought Aithiopanas.

Like the Persians before him, George Bush arrogantly assumed that nothing stood in the way of him taking Iraq, but I invoked Nemesis, and not only has he failed, but now the dollar is in free fall. I have one who works with me on the other side. Bush still has to pay for her premature death.

5:13 PM  
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