Saturday, September 23, 2006

9-11, Iraq Is Paying the PRICE

President Bush is still misleading the World and American public opinion emotionally through using the pretext (war against terrorism). In his speech broadcast on Monday , the fifth anniversary of 9/11, he played his emotion game to defend the war in Iraq, although many democratic politicians criticized him for politicizing a national day of mourning. He described a “brutal enemy still determined to kill Americans, perhaps with weapons of mass destruction if they get the chance”.
Reviewing the situation after 9/11, the day that changed the world, we will find that Iraq had paid and still the highest price. The whole country and state was destroyed becoming the “first front on the war of terrorism” as Nouri Al-Maliky, the Iraqi Prime Minister confirmed while visiting US weeks ago.
The Baghdad morgue announced receiving 1458 shout dead bodies last August, (the number indicates the civilians victims in Baghdad only).. Al-Sabah, the government supported IMN daily, quoted the general inspector of the ministry of health on August 13 saying that the victims of the violence in Baghdad reduced 50% in August!! Maj. Gen. William B. Caldwell wrote in the same meaning saying, “However, the violence Baghdad endured in July receded during the month of August. Attacks in Baghdad were well below the monthly average for July. Since August 7, the murder rate in Baghdad dropped 52 percent from the daily rate for July.”
The two statements could give a clear view on the civilian victims of violence in Baghdad only since no official and non-official institutes in Iraq and US are ready to give the accurate number of the civilian casualties in Iraq. So, 1458 shot dead bodies in August were the 50% of the causalities in July!!
Although the intelligence committee of the Congress issued their latest report last week confirming that there was no relation between Saddam Hussein regime and Al-Qaeda, Bush is still speaking about “enemies” in Iraq “will attack the Americans”!! Iraq, the Bush pretext toward defending his alleged war against terrorism, instead of becoming a symbol of democracy became a symbol of a destroyed and weak state could be divided any time if the Bush backed Kurds continue their plans in having Kirkuk, the oil rich city, as the capital city for their “region”, the step that incites the Shiites to establish their region in the central and southern Iraq. The national Accord Front, Sunnis, that gave the Kurds their word in supporting establishing their northern region are refusing the establishment of the Shiite region and threatened to stop supporting Kurds if they will support the Shiite project. The other Sunnis in the Iraqi Parliament, and Iriqiya bloc, led by Ayad Allawi, and Shiite parties with in the United Iraqi Alliance, led by Abdul aziz Al-Hakim, are refusing the Shiite project.
The Sunnis who participated in the political process on the condition of re writing the Constitution are insisting on their condition otherwise they will withdrew from the political scene. The Iraqi constitution does not allow establishing regions on ethnic and sectarian basis, yet the Kurds are insisting on their demands and going ahead in their plans especially after their Parliament finished writing their constitution insisting on having Kirkuk.. Iraq is going from worse to worse; the Parliament involved in discussing the Shiite project and the Barzani’s decree of not raising the Iraqi flag in “Kurdistan”. So, Iraq is paying the price with out having any relation with the “terrorists” who targeted US.. Till when Bush will mislead the world? No body could answer..


Blogger B. Will Derd said...

Bush said Iraq is related to the terrorists who want to destroy the West, not that they had direct contacts with those who perpetuated 9-11. There is definitely a distinction. Iraq is part of a dysfunctional culture dominated by Islamic, tribal, archaic thinking that clearly cannot coexist with a rapidly accelerating gulf betwen it and the rest of the world while the means to lash out is growing in lethality. Unable to address its failings or responsibilities, it blames the West, not the thinking and culture which submits it to cycles of violence, revenge, subjugation and ignorance. That is what breeds Islamic terrorism, and that is why Iraq has failed to seize the opportunity. Iraq is paying the price for its inablility to free itself. That was true before 9-11. Saddam may be gone, but the culture of helpless victimhood and blame avoidance continues. This will likely continue until the radicals manage to bring about all out worldwide confrontaion when the worries of hapless Iraqis are unimportant in comparison and you may proceed to destroy yourselves unimpeded, even encouraged. Allies will be chosen and the rest will be forgotten. However many Iraqis believe there is a better way had better start standing up to be counted, before there are too few left to count.

10:18 AM  
Blogger CN said...

I came here very often. When you don`t update the blog for some time I fear that something could happen with you... It`s those daily news about bombings and murdering people...
Please write more often.

2:15 PM  
Blogger the woman i was said...

Dear cn,
Thanks for your concern; indeed I like to update every day yet have nothing to post but violence and blood.. I was out of Iraq for almost three months escaping I do not know what.. All the Iraqis are escaping toward no where.. I was not trying to leave Iraq but “the warrior” needs some rest to resume the work.

4:01 AM  
Blogger the woman i was said...

Dear b. will derd,
Before the invasion, Bush used to say that Saddam and Iraq had direct links with Al-Qiada.. if you were interesting in the issue since the beginning you would remember the TV story produced and presented by tens of international correspondents in Baghdad when UNMOVIC lied saying they put hands on a plane was used to train the hijackers of the 9/11 planes!! The one of the two pretexts to destroy Iraq was the DIRECT LINK with Al-Qaida; then CIA and other American bodies assured one after another that there were no WMDs and Links with Bin Laden. Yet it seems you are like the other westerns; you believe what does Bush say playing on your arrogance being “civilized”.. and the extremists Moslems do not like your civilization!!
You should read the history of the WEST well and you will find that ISLAM was the only owner of the civilization I the WEST.. Please try to understand the motives of Bush who repeated days ago that “we should defeat our enemies in Iraq to make the war far from America”!!
I know that the “heritage” of Saddam is very painful and Iraqis need years to forget what had happened under him yet believe me under Saddam there were no extremists and radicals in Iraq; we were under secular regime.. So called terrorists entered Iraq when Bremer insisted on dismantling the Iraqi military, police and border forces.. the Iraqi borders stayed 8 months without any protection giving chance to every body has account with USA to liquidate it in Iraq, “to make the war far from America and Americans”.. the American Administration, who ever is the president, should have an enemy to promote the American and West prosperity through selling weapons and intelligence reports and other things..
Yes you are right, “ However many Iraqis believe there is a better way had better start standing up to be counted, before there are too few left to count.” Yet who is going to give those Iraqis the chance!!

4:31 AM  
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