Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Are the Children Your Enemies?

hear the song in the link below and see the photos, then ask your self: WHY?
are the Americans worthy, of course not all the Americans, there are very noble Americans who are suffering from Bush the second in the way the whole World does- sorry my noble American friends- and back to the question:
are the Americans worthy to have a safer world through the Iraqi children pain and mother's agony? is there anything in the World worthy while the price is a child, any child?
during the injust bloackade impossed on Iraqby the Bush the first, Clonton and Bush the second, more than 750 000 Iraqi children under five; during the bloody Bush invasion under the ongoing occupation no body knows how many Iraqi children were and still bein killing.. Are Iarqi children the American's enemy? are the iraqi children terrorists?