Thursday, July 06, 2006


Bloody Bush is celebrating his 60th birthday.. he invited his tails “followers” to celebrate with him.. How many children and women will die all over the world to make him happy and make a wish?
Bush, the terrorist, we wish if your mum did not born you. You are the bloodies liar not only on the earth but through the history.. I do not know how your silly wife and stupid daughters are proud of you? The answer is they silly and stupid!! But what about the tails who are celebrating with him? How do they agree with him on killing more than 100 Iraqi civilians every day?
The whole world should know that the ongoing blood baths in Iraq pushing toward a civil war made by the Americans. Stop staying silence, say with me to Bush:

Saying is not enough, let us work; let us have an action; not only to stop bloody Bush, the terrorist, wishes, but to save Iraq and the world from the White (Dark) House..


Blogger hledac said...

Dear women,
i wanna to ask you about something. You are blaming all the time Bush, US etc. I was few years ago in US becouse work, originally i am coming from europe, and i am living/working in one of arab country. Back to question - why you are blaming Bush. Is it bush who is killing 90 irakis poeple per day ? Do you think he is arranging kidnapping etc? I think 99% of bad thing are done by iraqi poeple itself. I dont want to blame you, but this is a reality. Why poeple are killing each other just becouse a different type of religion??? It is not becouse Bush. What is a reason????

2:17 PM  
Blogger Lord Cerne Abbas said...

Where are you Iraqi Lady? Why haven't you updated lately? I keep checking and there is no word from you. I hope you are safe.

6:56 AM  
Blogger Fatima said...


I suggest You check CIA and Death squads , you might learn a lot. the Killing has been done before and blamed on someone else.

They Have done it in Vietnam , under the Phoenix Program and there was a lot of kidnapping , torture, killing , going after the intellectuals , et. to leave vietnam in tatters and destroyed.

there was no problem for centuries between Sunni and shias in iraq , even though saddam discrimianted against shias , there were 51 members of his parliament shias . but they intermarried , lived in same buildings, streets, and sat at the same cafes . et.. but the invadors knew that if you divide you rule (has been done by the British and french occupations )and now the Stupid Iraqis are falling for the US games and blaming each other for crimes done by the US snipers (from chile probably Google Snipers , Iraq and chile ) and the Mossad in northern iraq.
the true Killers are americans hiding under UNKNOWNS ..and everyone is falling for the insurgens. Yes there is an iraqi resistance but it is targeting the US soldiers ONLY not killing iraqis . the US snipers have done this dirty work before , why dont you do your homework to find out.

4:42 PM  
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