Monday, June 19, 2006


A Shiite cleric from Basra, southern Iraq, whom I met by chance some where out side Iraq told me the following:
The black wearing death squads and the "unknowns" killers and kidnappers who are wearing the special police uniform, driving the police cars (four wheel drive white vehicles called Monica) and using police weapons are members of the Mahdy Army! He said that the former PM Ibrahim Jaafari provided the uniforms, vehicles and the weapons for them to do what they began after Samara Golden Tomb was attacked!! He confirmed that the former minister of interior affairs who is now the minister of finance knew very well this fact but used to deny..
I think I could add nothing… Indeed the Iraqis know the truth but who dares to speak or even to whisper…
On the daily base more than 50 shot dead bodies reached Baghdad morgue; more than 10 tortured and shot dead unknown bodies being found in Baghdad; the situation is not better in the other parts of Iraq… Could you believe that the "strong" Iraqi "new" police and military forces are failing in discovering the hand after these unknown killers who are kidnapping tens of people every day…Indeed Bush is happy with such squads that are helping him in eliminating Iraqis..


Blogger Cathreina said...

Hello, my name is Cathreina and happened across your blog and have added it to my blog roll.
I find this and a few other blogs from Iraq enlightening and it only affirms that we as Americans are not getting the full true story at all.
Latina Advocate

1:12 AM  
Blogger Fatima said...

Death Squads are the speciality of the CIA they have done it in vietnam and Latin and central America . Google can help . Anyone knows about Phoenix Program ?

4:44 PM  
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