Thursday, November 09, 2006

Iraqis Between Mass Graves and Unknown Graves

Only two days before the verdict of Saddam Hussein’s first trial, an international survey of public opinion published by Guardian showed Bush as the most dangerous man in the world; while inside USA he was losing support even from members of his own party. Yet the day after the trail, public opinion polls showed 53% from the voters pro Bush!! The Bush pro American media worked on” the sending Saddam to death” as if Bush saved Iraq and USA!!
Week before the midterm elections Saddam who has being updating by his defence team about the world out side the jail; feels the fact about Bush losing reputation very well, he asked the tribunal through his lead defence lawyer Khalil Al-Dulaimi to postpone the last session of his first trial, Al-Dujail case, after the half-term elections.. Al-Dulaimi sent a message in the same meaning to the American Democratic party; yet he received not response. The session was due on 16th October and was postponed to 5th November, reports assured, as it was required by Bush’s public relations consultants in the hope that the capital sentence on the Iraqi President and his top assistances will help the Republicans gaining more votes. It is clear now that Saddam trial was nothing but a political “game” between Bush’s hand played whenever he needs the Americans to sympathized with him; just like his game “the war against terrorism”..
Saddam committed crimes against humanity; yet how does the Rome Tribunal describe the situation in Iraq if it is not a crime against humanity generated a sectarian cleansing what it would be? Bush him self admitted invading Iraq according to false documents; he did not find WMDS or link with Al-Qaeda; his illegal war killed till now 625 000 civilian Iraqis; if this is not genocide and crime against humanity, what would it be? Saddam and Bush are on the same boat.
Whatever the half-term elections result would be; the situation in Iraq won’t change. An American anti-war friend mailed me asking to give her a proposal about Iraq but not withdrawing the US troops or apologizing from the Iraqis! She wrote saying, “although the democrats are criticizing Bush’s fatal faults in Iraq yet they will neither pull out the troops nor apologize; please give me another proposal; demanding pulling out our troops will make them looking at me as a traitor”!! if an anti-war activist is thinking in this way; the Iraqis should find a way to restore their lives. Americans are going to stay in Iraq; not only to give Americans a safer world; but to secure the need to the oil and to protect Israel, as Bush said in his latest campaigning speech. Inside Iraq, the capital sentence against Saddam showed the contradictory among the Iraqis; those in Tikrit- the birth place of Saddam, Al-Dour-w here he was arrested, Mosul, Baqouba, Haweeja-west Kirkuk and Anbar flooded the streets angrily raising Saddam’s photos while those in central and southern Iraq and the Kurds flooded the streets happily burning Saddam’s photos. In Baghdad, the Shiites area, Sadr City, Shua’la and others celebrated hanging Saddam till death; while Sunnis areas Adhamiya and others were angry. Making Bush satisfied; the Iraqis are being pushing toward a real civil war.. in the name of democracy, Iraqis are between mass graves and unknown graves seeing no light at the end of the tunnel they dragged in by Bush.


Blogger Fatima said...

Plenty of mass graves in Falluja with 2003 and 2004 and 2005 dates plenty of them in Tel afaar , ramadi .. no one will talk about these graves , even if the victims were 6 years old and 90 years old they died for the so called freedom.

3:55 AM  
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