Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Story Explains Its Self!!

Forwarded Message from the Institute of Near Eastern & African Studies (INEAS)
Near Eastern & African Studies wrote:
Although Iraqi Kurds who converted to Chrstianity have been a very small minority and have converted becaue of hatred (toward Arabs and Islam) AND for economics reasons, they will devote themselves under the umbrella of Christianity and Christ to turn the life of the majority to HELL, the way the converted (to Christianity) Vietnamese did in and outside Vietnam. After they killed their own people with the help of the USA and conducted espionage activities against them, they left Vietnam to live in the industrial west (especially in the USA) to become citizens with very little dignity and folklore, not-knowing-their heritage and money-making robotes. The Christian missionaries of the industrial west have converted 51% of the Buddhist followers in South Korea to Christianity, and when I interviewed a woman Buddhist there in 2005, she indicated that the main reason for their conversion to Christianity was financial. So Kurds are no better! She also said that the conversion to Christianity stopped when S. Korea's economy improved dramatically. Some have been even coming back to their Buddhist temples and Buddhist rituals.

More details about my visit to this Buddhist temple and interview with the Korean woman can be found at our Institute's website below by clicking on 'Special Reports'. It is part of a report I wrote about South Korea.

These few narrow-minded, full-of-hatred Kurds have been heard on National Public Radio, here in the USA, from as early as 2003 making negative and hateful remarks about Arabs and Islam and even stating that they (the Kurds) were originally Christians until the Arabs came and deformed/corrupted them with Islam! This is how little these Kurds know about their history. They (in general) didn't know even from where they originated until Harvard University (sponsor of the bloody Kanaan Makiyya) wrote their history for them and made it as ancient as that of Sumerians and Babylonians the way they did with the history of Iraq's Athoriyyeen and Lebanon's Maronites. So having a church by the missionaries of the USA-UK in Kurdistan is not surprising. This is how the USA-UK-Israel collaborative will deteriot their life and heritage and slain them like sheeps especially soon after they become weak and an easy target by forming their "independent country of Kurdistan". Many of these converts (to western Christianity) will come in handy for the deterioration and destruction process!

The status quo of the Islamic Republics that gained independence from the former Soviet Union offers volumes of information on why the near-future Kurdish independent state will deteriorate and harshly suffer. All of these republics became so-called independent because of the USA and all have become slaves of and prostitutes for the USA with high poverty, unemployment and corruption rates. So good luck to the Kurds for their churches and near-future independence! The minute the Kurds gain their independence, they will have to deal with the following fatal enemies; the USA, the UK, Israel, Turkey, Iran and Arab neighboring countries (especially IRAQ and Syria).

With Oceanic Luck!
Wafaa' Al-Natheema
Institute of Near Eastern & African Studies (INEAS)
P.O. Box 425125
Cambridge, MA. 02142 USA

Note 1: If you don't know why Harvard University and the like institutions have written the history of some in the East to be as ancient as the Sumerians, Assyrians and Babylonians
(even when this is untrue), it is time to search for this vital truth and learn about it. Those of you who know why and have sources on the subject matter, please forward them to this email address WITH MANY THANKS. We intend to make a list of such sources.

Note 2 : Please forward to USA-UK mainstream media outlets, which aired (or have the tendency to air) the negative Kurdish commentary about Islam and Arabs mentioned above.