Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanks To The Car Bomb

I know thanking a car bomb could astonish you; yet today I really need to thank that driver who managed to sneak a car bomb into the Green Zone.. Until yesterday, those who are living in that fortified place were insisting to not feel what a car bomb means! They were in a place while the whole Iraqis were and still in another place.. Thanks to that car bomb that made so-called Iraqi government and Parliament, realize what life looks like with a car comb might explode any time. The different between them and the Iraqis is they stayed for 6 hours inside the offices while the Iraqis are going to their jobs and schools. To stay panic for 6 hours.. Again they proved how coward they are.. Now and after that car bomb finished the myth of the safe heaven, the Green Zone, I advice those who came on the board of the American tanks to destroy Iraq should live us. They should feel satisfy. They planted the sectarian and ethnic clashes among the Iraqis. They killed enough academics, journalists, teachers and 655 000 Iraqis. They stole billions of dollars. They destroyed the Iraqi memory through stealing the libraries and the giant Iraqi National museum. They worked for Bush in a way that Bush him self had never imagined. LEAVE US ALONE> WE COULD MANAGE OUR LIFE TOWARD RESTORING SECURITY AND IRAQ.


Blogger Hynek said...

i think you have to be carefull with word they. I think you have to think who is this "they". Us are suffering there. Try to think what is role of religion in this conflict.

8:54 AM  
Blogger the woman i was said...

I am very well aware of the role of the religion.. Until now I remember that issue of the Newsweek before invading Iraq. The cover story was about the Bush the believer.. Do not tell me that you did not hear him saying that “Lord inspired me to go to Afghanistan and Iraq”.. We all know that the theory of the neocons depends on the religion. You should know that Bush as an extremist Christian is the other side of the coin where Bin laden is the first side.

1:36 PM  
Blogger Hynek said...

i don't think he meant it seriously - politicians are usually liars. But he told this , why ? because where is strong religion's feeling, there are not questions like it was during Vietnam war ? Religion's explanation just as a tool to force US afters? That what he did - but it is not reason why iraq have problems which he still have - it was only next step after 1. war in gulf. I really dont understand, why people are still listening muslim cleric, which are creating this mess right now ( and which are profiting from this situation - their power over crowd in middle east is strong as never before) I am from country, where nobody is coming to any church, because cleric(doesn't matter from which Christian branches ) were creating reasons for war , they were creating only pain, and collecting power - and i see same here in middle east where i am living now. I dont understand, why people are giving them so big power :((
Its quite bad, when powerful groups(religion, or iran/syria/kurdish) here in gulf are using US just for hiding what they are really doing. I remember, about this situation with stupid cartoons about Mohammed in Danish newspaper. I know cases in Syria, muslim cleric were spreading over people they are burning in danish towns koran. It is really easy push people about easy target. You are lucky, you have access to internet, you can find a lots of information by yourself, it is great for you. I hope internet, ones, will help you to skip so fast and easy premises.

2:46 PM  
Blogger Hynek said...

as another example of manipulating with mind of poeple - i know from where is this number 650000 killed irakis - do you know how they got this number? Please try to respond to me on this question. If dont know i will tell it to you - and also i will tell you why it is manipulation.

3:06 PM  
Blogger Fatima said...


A well known Iraqi Cleric on the Channel AL Moustakilla said today that he was arrested at a checkpoint by US + Iraqi police. they stopped him to search his car. and asked him to wait inside an office. he told them he has some money and papers inside the glove compartment and needed a receipt for it. after about an hour waiting , he could go there was no problem and there were dozens waiting in line too. he was told to go to the nearby police station to collect his insurance and drivers licence . while starting his car he checked his glove compartment , he saw what looked like a radio with wires connected to it . he got really scared , left the car in the middle of the road to seek help . he was supposed to drive towards a police station , so that radio could be detonated by remote control. he left his car and did not want to report to the police in case he is jailed for owning that car. this is happening all over iraq apparently .

\The same phoenix Program used in vietnam is being used in Iraq . why ? to justify a longer stay so they could plunder more money in fake Invoices, fake services and fake companies . billions have been spent US and iraqi money where has it all gone ? in certain pockets in the US and in Dubai et.. the US has destroyed iraqi back to the stone age era .

4:22 PM  
Blogger Fatima said...


when that same organistations Lancet tells you that many people died in Rwanda or Botswana or Somalia , you are ready to believe those numbers , but because it is iraq you are ready to dismiss those numbers . a 140 Are dying each day and the UN is saying the iraqi gov is not being honest with the numbers, hiding the bigger numbers, daily so not to embarrass their themeslves and expose their incompetence .

4:25 PM  
Blogger Hynek said...

no, i will not belive in this case - humaterian & similar orgasnisation are living & finding money becouse pain of people. Usually its not wise to trust them

10:38 PM  
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