Thursday, December 21, 2006

Any Body Could Help Marwa?

Marwa Adel Karam, 13 years old, lost her eye because of an American mistake.
Her mother interviewed by The following is the story:
At 3.30am, Oct. 30the 2006, a unit from the American DIRTY Tasks Force raided our house in Al-Safina neighborhood- Al-A'dhamiya district. Their pretext was: searching to find the kidnapped American soldier. (An Iraqi tear: An American soldier from Iraqi origin was called Qusay Al-Qaisi was kidnapped from Karrada while he was visiting his Iraq wife family. Al-Qaisi was the cousin of Intifadh Qamber, the spokesman of Ahmed Chalabi the liar who gave Bush the false documents about the Iraqi WMDs.. Qamber was given a military post, he was appointed as the Iraqi military attaché in the Iraqi embassy in the States. That soldier was not found until now). The mother continues saying: their armored vehicles blocked the street. They exploded our door. There was no man in the hose; my husband died years ago; my son in law was detained by the police for sectarian reason. The Americans found no body and nothing in the house. They stole our money, passports and IDs. While exploding the door, shrapnel entered into the right eye of my child Marwa. When they found the crime they committed against an innocent family; they apologized and took Marwa to Ibn Sina hospital in the Green Zone. She was brought back home after 3 days confirming that she needs more two operations as Dr Hamilton recommended. Yet; they did come back again to take her.
Young Marwa; according to her mother, was very clever in her school; but she refused going to her school this year because of her eye.
The operations need $15 000.. If there is any could help her; please send a comment; I will give you the email account you can be in touch with Marwa campaign through it.


Blogger bARABie & Ken said...

Please give me the details so I may contribute to Marwa's recovery.

1:05 PM  
Blogger Keld Bach said...

Hi, I'll try to promote this issue on Newsvine.

Please send me details on how I can contribute to Marwa's operation.

2:36 PM  
Blogger Ron said...

Yes, I would like to contribute to Marwa's medical expenses

3:21 PM  
Blogger the woman i was said...

hi there,
thank you very much.
sorry for being late; blame the power.. almost we have no power and no fuel for the small house generator.
you can reach marwa through:

1:26 AM  
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Blogger hck said...

Please send me details on how I can contribute to Marwa's operation.
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