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“He is our man in Iraq”..

Bush the second said praising Nuri Al-Maliki after their Summit in Amman last Thursday!! His father Bush the first described Saddam as “our man” in 1983 after he, Saddam met “my friend- according to Saddam” Donald Rumsfield.. Bush the first was vice president then!!
The Bush’s first man managed to destroy the Iraqi society within years. He became Iraqi President in July 1979. Iraq was on the top of the developing countries heading quickly to be among the developed countries. The five year developing scheme was paid in advance; yet Saddam took the power with $48 billion surpass in the Iraqi Central Bank!! Within years and under his reign Iraq became on the bottom of the developing countries list with more than $330 billion debts!!
His designated was finished; he felt that. He pretended to be a “national hero” ; but there was no time and capacity while the Iraqis were starving because of the embargo (resolution 661- Security Council 1990).
Now, it is the role of the Bush’s second man.. Ahmed Chalabi and Ayad Allawi did their best through providing false documents to Bush who used it as a pretext toward invading- occupying- destroying Iraq. The both were trying to be “our man in Iraq”; yet Maliki became.. Although Chalabi is playing a big role in targeting the Iraqi intellectual trying to restore being the America “strong man” in Iraq; but they began refusing him..
Maliki is their man for many reasons: he is doing his best ignoring the death squads and Shiite militia in black; although he knows very well who is leading and commanding these deadly forces.
Maliki, Bush’s “man in Iraq”, who agreed on the demands of the Iranian directed the so called United Iraqi Coalition appointing Bayan Jabr Soulagh as the minister of the finance.. Soulagh was the minister of interior of Jaafari. He was and still the “hero” of the death squads and the torture secret centers. He created using electric drill as a unique torture instrument!!
Being a minister of the finance, Soulagh began achieving the second stage of the Iranian campaign toward controlling Iraq and keeping Bush far from Iran. The price of the dollar is coming down very quickly while the prices of the food stuff and fuel are heading up. The second stage against the Iraqis began last Saturday and still going on. The Iraqis who are being killing by the death squads will be killed by cold and starving if Iran and Soulagh will continue pumping dollars I the Iraqi markets..
Maliki is Bush the second man in Iraq; any body, could, deny now the bloody Bush’s scheme toward eliminating Iraq and Iraqis?

Abdul Aziz Al-Hakim denied saying, “Sunnis will loss more if a civil war begins”. Al-Jazeera first put this “statement after Al-Hakim met by King Abdullah of Jordan.. then the media networks began repeating it.. The spokesman of the Jordanian Royal Court denied the statement too.
Al-Hakim denied saying that a civil war will affect the whole Iraqis.
Personally, I do not respect Al-Hakim; yet one should be fair. It is not the first time Jazeera plays a role in inciting sectarian war in Iraq.. Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of Qatar, assured weeks ago while celebrating the tenth year of Al-Jazeera, “Jazzera is a strategic scheme”.. Every body knows; Al-Thani led a coup against his father who was refusing relations and links with Israel.. Al-Thani began open relations with Israel. Whenever there is a high-ranking Israeli official in Qatar; Al-Jazeera airs a videotape of Bin Laden or Al-Dhawahri.. So; I think it is clear now why Al-Jazeera is inciting a sectarian war in Iraq.


Blogger Fatima said...

Al Maliki , Bayan Jabr And Al Hakim should be dragged to the Hague for the crimes in the hands of the various militias including the Jadiriya and the education Ministry scandals . how many sunnis have been found starving and abused in the prisoners of interior ? Yet Bayan jabr is still Minister of AL Maliki. Al hakim militias kidnapp people during the day without hiding , using proper uniforms and police cars. ALL are criminals but the biggest criminal are those who support them in the US embassy and bush .

Al Jazeera reporter said this what the Jordanian press had said , and those news were repeated by Every channel in the media . AL hakim realised he messed up with that quote and tried to deny ever saying it , that s what the saudis are experts at . they have just sacked their spokesperson who said they saudis will arm and support the sunnis in Iraq (Al Obeidi) they already do .

AL Jazeera is independent from the ruling family that s why they criticized ALL the royals and ALL the arab dictators and so far they did not close doors yet. I disagree aL Jazeera is the best to expose those US door mats those crooks who are making our lives miserable .

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