Sunday, December 03, 2006


Sorry every body; the photos are too painful..
Yet you should see and protest.. I know that the killer hands are Iraqi but the instructions are coming from out side.. am I right? Some times I feel helpless.. I could not think.. the photos belong to:
Husam Fawzi Saisal Al-Janabi 30 years), Abbas Fadhil Mohammed Al-Janabi (23) and Latif Ahmed Mohammed Al-Janabi (26) years. The three were Sunnis; kidnapped by Mahdy militia from Al-Mansour area in Baghdad days ago.. the body were found\d in Baghdad morgue. The family paid $4000 to take their dead bodies. The kidnapper stole their BMW (1996) car.
Any body could SHOUT with me: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
Let’s wait and see what Bush’s MAN in Iraq will do?
I know.. I do not know..
Read “My Year In Iraq”, written by Bremer to discover how he (Bremer) deep rotted the sectarian feeling in Iraq; especially Shiites.. Then he created so called Governing Council.. I am not looking for a pretext; but saying the truth.. Again I know the hands are Iraqi


Blogger rebelBodhi said...

Moving stories, check out mine

7:08 AM  
Blogger Fatima said...

wow . i dont know what to say.
well i guess , saddam is gone . right ?

5:17 AM  
Blogger Fatima said...

Not ALL are iraqi hands , many are hired guns (from Chile Yes you can google ) and elsewhere to cause maximum chaos to justify a longer US stay in Iraq (and benefit nicely from Oil Proceeds ) Anyone doubting this could google where are Iraq Billions ?

those Hired guns hope to get a green card . the Mossad is in Iraq too , open borders for all , and we know how the mossad feel about Arabs . leave a Burnt Iraq is good for israel , olmert said almost that.
And some are Iraqi Criminals who would sell their souls for Dollars .
the Americans are known for hiring Death squads they have done it in Vietnam (Phoenix program ) and ALL over Latin America .

3:37 AM  
Blogger sink sink socks said...

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11:05 PM  
Blogger the woman i was said...

dear rebelbodhi,
i visited your blog; well done. we should work together toward a better world.. the world would not be better as long as demons like bush are ruling. you are there, in the states, try to educate the americans to know how to vote and choose a ruler..

9:40 AM  
Blogger the woman i was said...

dear fatime,
i know that not all the criminal hands are iraqis; yet the iraqi hands are hurting me.. we had never been seperated into sects and ethnics in our history.. the leaders of the militias are iraqi.. sadr, hakim and amiry are iraqis, as they are saying, the "fighters-killers" of so called mehdi army are iraqis. we all know that the fund is coming from iran; we know cia and mossad are there; yet the iraqi hands are the most hurting.
best always friend

9:47 AM  
Blogger hope4peace said...

Any killing of an innocent human being is another life wasted, whether carried out chemically or 'clinically' or secretely by Saddam in the past, or by Saddamists or Sadrists or Sciri-ists or salafis today. Given the nature and content of your post one is bound to wonder whether you were as sorry for Saddam's poison gas victims and Dujail executees and 100s of 1000s tortured-before-death victims, as much as you are - quite rightly - horrified by these photographs of 'sunni' victims. Two wrongs don't make a right but, unfortunately, those who lived happily under Saddam chose to turn a blind eye about those who were victimised, tortured, raped, exterminated by him and his regime; but they forgot one thing.....what goes around comes around. In the end those who accept or support tyranny do so at their own risk. However, if I am wrongly assuming you are a Saddamist then why do you only use ‘sunni’ victims as your material? Moreover, have you not considered that this could incite more hatred and retaliation and fuel to the fire?!!

2:13 PM  

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