Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Bells Ring In US; the Hearts Hear In Iraq

I am not writing every day because every minute there is some thing happening. I do not know what to write.. Yet I am writing today while the American (announced) death toll reached 2000 yesterday and the reports added another two today. Was it coincident to announce the (approval) of the Constitution in Iraq with the announcement of the figure (2000)?
As I used to say that President Bush needed the approval more than the Iraqis. In Iraq we knew that if a miracle would happen and the all said "NO" the result would be "YES". Bush needs to tell the Americans, the tax payers, that he achieved "some thing". The so called Constitution is an excellent pretext to convince the Americans that their children are not dying for nothing; they are dying to give the Iraqis a "democratic country"!!!
Since yesterday, the reports are speaking about the "2000" Americans; no report speaks about the Iraqis death toll! Till now we, the Iraqis, do not know how many Iraqis soldiers and officers were killed during the invasion? How many Iraqis, specially, the civilians were and are being killing every day?
The Americans are scarifying themselves; yet the truth is the Americans are dying for Bush and for his agenda. The Iraqis are dying for the same agenda.
If the reports are not speaking about the Iraqis; those Americans who know the truth are speaking about us and doing their best to make us feel that we are not alone.
A friend of mine forwarded the following message from Cathy Breen of the Voices in the Wilderness:
"Dear ……..,
Salaam Alechum. We just wanted you to
know of the Bell Ringing Ceremony which will be taking
place in 100 cities around the country and in the UK
and other places this week. We will be ringing a bell
each minute for 1,000 times in 100 cities to remember
our Iraqi brothers and sisters who have died.
We want to send a message to our Iraqi brothers and
sisters that we are grieving with them, and that we
are also remembering every Iraqi who has been wounded,
orphaned, widowed and tortured and detained or
disappeared. If you could help us get this into the
Iraqi news and TV we would be so grateful. You can go
to for photos, etc.
Please know that we carry you in our hearts and
prayers in these difficult times. Some of us are
observing the Ramadan fast with all of our Muslim
brothers and sisters around the world as a sign of our
Warmest regards, Cathy Breen (Voices in the Wilderness
New York city)."

I have nothing to say but thank you Cathy, thank you Voices; the organization that tried to be with the Iraqis while being sanctioned; now they are trying to be with the victims of their administration.
The bells will ring; our hearts will hear. Let us work hand by hand toward putting an end to this madness. Let us pray together.


Blogger David Pakman said...

Hey, excellent website. A great Iraq resource is Deaths in Iraq. It breaks all of the casualties down by age, race, branch of the military, country, etc.

6:41 PM  
Blogger olivebranch said...

you have potential to be a very very important writer.

your thoughts and emotions are clear, soon you will get many readers and more comments!

good luck, and believe me when I say- it is not just voices and the likes, many many people around the world are doing similar things now- even here in perth.

The most isolated city in the world.

1:26 AM  
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