Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Halloween Culture

It is Halloween..
The festival of honoring the ancestors but those who occupied America through genociding millions of the Native Americans and taking their heritage converted this honoring festival to an American festival with all the American thoughts, ideas, techniques and mood making it a festival of horror and fun.. Exactly like the style of the American Administration, any administration. The Bush Administration is terrorizing the other countries and nations giving fun and safety to the Americans.
On the day of Halloween; while millions of the Americans were marching in the streets celebrating the occasion with pumpkins and masks; the secretary of the state department Rice with her team were "celebrating" the Halloween in the Security Council forcing the other members to be against Syria. She and her team were terrorizing Syria while the Americans in the streets were having fun. Syria does not know what to do except accepting the resolution 1636 waiting the American coming scenario praying to not be like Iraq.
While the American troops were attacking Qaim, about 500 west of Baghdad by the afternoon, sources from Qaim general hospital announced that the bombing killed 40 civilians wounding another 20; the majority of them were women and children. The spokesman of the American forces in Qatar told the media that they killed "foreign terrorists" and "the enemy" was firing back..
Yet the hospital sources insisted that the Americans bombed the civilians while the sheikh of a tribe in Qaim swore not having any "foreign terrorist" in Qaim. The Americans use to tell the media the same pretext while attacking the Iraqi cities and towns, "the foreign terrorists", yet till now we did not see any" foreign terrorists" on the TVs to believe their pretexts.
While the Americans are using pretexts; the Iraqi minister of defense was so ugly while trying to clarify the new American strike against Qaim. In his press conference, he put an American Halloween mask saying, "those whoa re sheltering the terrorists deserve even no single tear.. We should send them to the hell"!!
Sadoon Dulaimi, the so called minister of defense know that "if" there were foreign "terrorists" in the striked areas; they are staying without the knowledge of the ordinary people who are being killed every strike. Did ever Dulaimi ask him self why the American had the right to ask the help of other forces to invade Iraq and the Iraqis have not the same right to restore their country and dignity?
It is the last days of Ramadan, the days of more praying and asking AlMighty Allah to protect us, the Iraqis, not from the American but from their Iraq collaborators who are worse that the Americans in dealing with the Iraqis.
Duraid….., 27 years old Iraqi young was arrested by the Americans. He said that the Americans investigated with him for 10 minutes finding noting against him; he was submitted to the Iraqis authorities that released him after 38 days without any reason. Duraid told his friends," if an Iraqi detainee refused to cooperate with his American investigators; the Americans threatened to give him to the Iraqi National Guards!!!
The American occupiers and their Iraqi collaborators are playing the game of changing the places.. Always the looser is the Iraqi, especially the civilian.
This is the culture of the Halloween.. I do not know why do not the Americans re read their history to find who was the first terrorists and will the last also; I hope.


Blogger enough said...

The festival of honoring the ancestors but those who occupied America through genociding millions of the Native Americans and taking their heritage converted this honoring festival to an American festival....

I'm wondering if maybe you are thinking of thanksgiving?

From Wikipedia:

The term "Halloween" (or eve) before the feast of All Saints (an important day in the Christian calendar), which used to be called "All Hallows" derived from All Hallowed Souls. In Ireland, the name was Hallow Eve and this name is still used by some older people. Halloween was also sometimes called All Saints' Eve. The holiday was a day of religious festivities in various northern European pagan traditions, until it was appropriated by Christian missionaries and given a Christian reinterpretation. In Mexico November 2nd, after All Saint's Day, following Halloween, is the Day of the Dead.

2:31 PM  
Blogger xmarine0311 said...

ignorant hate filled woman stop writing about things you dont understand

12:55 AM  
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