Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Answer Depends on You!

After noon March 14, Fayiz Harrat, 27 years, and his sister Fayiza, 35 years, were back together to their home, the both were teachers in the only school in al- Siffa village near Samara. Fayiza and her two kids Usama Yousif, 6 yeas, and Asma, 5 years, live with Fyiz after the Americans killed her husband last summer. Fayiz and his wife Sumaya had three kids Hawra, 4 yaers, Aysha 2 years and Husam 4 months. The granmother lived with them.. on the same day , they had two guests Aziz Khalil, the cousin of Fayiz, and his fiancée Nidhal who were arranging the preparation of their wedding on March 16..
After the midnight, their house was seiged.. Humves, Tanks, helicopters and tens from the Americans soldiers who rushed in the house serching and shooting, after a while the helicopter missiled the house..
The American official communiqué said that they raided a house harbored terrorists and they killed some of them and the collateral damage was 4 civilians..
Yet the truth according to the people of the village, the kids of the school and the relatives is:
The 4 women, 6 children and Fayiz were killed.. 11 civilians.. The photos are very painful, sorry, but you should see the truth; these are the "terrorists".
Send the photos and the names to your congressmen; ask them to be honest and noble.. sak them to see the quite smile of the face of martyr Aysha.. She was killed while sleeping; she was dreaming a colored dream without bombs, ashes, deads and Americans..
I am not asking your tears; I am asking your efforts..
Say NO to Bush the terrorist.. ask your congressmen and your conscious to define the word "TERRORISM".. is targeting and killing the children terrorism? the answer depends on your humanity..


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