Sunday, February 05, 2006

Allah or God!!

Sorry for not writing in the last month.. I am busy in finishing the drat of a book I was thinking in since September 11. Initially I named the book "Allah or God".
The idea is why Allah is terrorist while God is not.. When Ben Laden , here I should admit that I do not agree with Ben Laden and his style in defending Islam, said Allah ordered him to hit WTI became a terrorist but when Bush said that God inspired him to invade Iraq became a man for peace.. I was 6 years old when my late father taught me that God is the English word for Allah.. I continued using the word God until Bush invaded Iraq.. Day after another Bush and his conservative Christians are proving that they are in war with Islam.. Conservative Christians are in the same boat with Radical Moslems and with the Extremist Jews and the Zionism; yet in his speech of the state of the union Bush said that he will continue his efforts in preventing the radical Moslems from ruling the Arab and Moslem countries but he said nothing about the other extremists!
If a cartoon or a drawing will show Moses in the way our prophet Mohammed (May Peace be Upon Him) was shown; Bush and Europe will ask the Security Council to discuss the question of being anti Semitist!
Arabs and Jews, both the grandchildren of the Iraqi Ebrahim (Abraham); are relatives.. But when the Jew attacked it will be an international issue of anti Semitist, yet every body, except Arabs, is free to attack Arabs and the prophet Mohammed (MPUH)…
In Iraq there are hands behind the curtains made benefits from those bloody cartoons and attacked the churches.. it is a suitable time to incite a war between Moslems and Christians after they seemed tired from planning a civil war between Iraqi Moslems (Sunnis and Shiites).. Iraqis are well aware of these things; when the angry Moslems protested in the streets; many Moslem clerics were visiting a church condemning the attacks; in his turn the Cheldo Cardinal was on the TV condemning the cartoons asking the Iraqi Christians to stay in their homeland Iraq..
Back to the Semitist issue.. The idiom SEMITISM was used first late in the 19th century defining the languages came from the mother Acadian Language.. The languages are: Arabic, Hebrew, Seriac and the Ethiopian; because the Iraqi Acadians were Semitics; the idiom Semitist became in use.. Years after with the beginning of the Zionist movement this linguistic idiom became very political..
And again Allah or God!!