Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The New Iraq: Abstract; Absurd!

Dr Riyadh Abdul Kareem, a general director in the ministry of agriculture, wounded escaping a life attempt against him; Dr Harith Al-Hayali, disease scientist is still being kidnapped although his family gave the kidnappers $50 000, Dr Saad Mhawosh, the dean of the school of engineering – Mustansiruya Uni, was found killed after his family paid his kidnappers $120 000 trying to save his life; 5 students from Mosul Uni were killed and 10 were kidnapped; more than executed bodies were found in different parts of Baghdad; Muhsin Khudair, the editor of Alef Baa weekly was assassinated; the secretary general of the Iraqi journalists union was threatened to be killed forced to leave Iraq; Americans killed 12 members of one family4 women and children were among them - in Dhuloeya, west of Baghdad, alleging they were attacking a house harboring terrorists ; tens of IEDs were exploded killing Iraqi policemen and INGs, more than 10 car bombs detonated in different parts of Iraq killing and wounding tens of the civilians, the operation Swarmer began in the area around Samara against the “terrorists” all these happened in the second week of March while the Americans were preparing them selves to celebrate the third anniversary of the "new Iraq"..
The week was a typical week Iraqis began dealing with since April 2003. The ordinary week called “bloody” and the extraordinary one called “bloodiest”. Blood became the character of the Iraqis life and day..
Insecurity, kidnapping, killing, violence, poverty, lack of the general services and the fear of a possible civil war are the obvious features of the Iraq after “liberation”. Yet there are some bright features too, mobile phones, sat channels receivers, freedom of speech and media!!and the right of messing up every thing!!
The Mahromeen (very poor-deprived) neighborhood is an example of the new Iraq:
Poor families came by the first month of the occupation and put hands on the land owned by the dissolved Iraqi military forces in Baghdad.. They began building their own houses with out any master plan. They had no official documents so they stole the electricity power sabotaging the main board of the area, the same thing they did with the drinking water; they dug here and there reaching the main pipeline and destroying the street.. Because of the power is one hour on and six off, they brought generators and the wires and cables from the generators to the small houses gave an abstract touch to the scene; and the last touch was the sat receivers dishes every where converting the area into an absurd play!! Exactly the new Iraq..