Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Halabja the Political Victory!

While the elected Parliament was on its first session in Baghdad on March 16; the day on which Halabja, about 265 km north east of Baghdad, was gassed in 1988, the Halabja people were protesting in the streets of the small town demanding Talbani and the Kurdish regional government to fulfill their promises in developing the town through which the Kurdish issue became international getting the world sympathy.
Two were killed, ten wounded when the police tried to stop the angry Halabja people who burnt the commentary museum and the Halabja martyr monument..
The whole Iraqi people are angry and under great pressure; yet the anger in Halabja rings a different bell within the Iraqi scene.
The two Kurds leaders who are insisting on having Kirkuk and doing their best toward kurdisizing the city used to show them selves as "very loyal to their people".. Part of this loyalty is rebuilding the Iraqi northern region although all the other parts of the country is being destroying day after another..
Iraqis, before the anger of Halabja, used to think that the Kurds are living in another world; a world of prosperity and safe.. Now they are discovering that they are on the same boat; fighting for their rights no matter if they are Arabs, Kurds or Turkmens!
Halabja became an industry directed by international media and relations companies exactly like the issue of Kuwaiti incubators which was the main pretext used by Bush senior to lunch the war forcing Saddam out of Kuwait in 1991; Halabja became exactly a "tool" in the hands of Bush and others used whenever they need to use it! .
In July 1989, April Glaspie, the American ambassador then in Iraq, and Tariq Aziz, the Iraqi foreign minister then too, gave a joint press conference in Baghdad. Glaspie red a document singed by an American team worked in Halabja for six months finding that the chemical weapon (gas) used against Halabja was not only Iraqi.. She explained saying the examined tissues showed a gas with (Soviet) Russian quality while the Iraqi was with (West) German quality… Bush needs to have solid proofs that the gas used against Halabja was only Iraqi.
The story was not forgotten but put aside and used whenever American felt it was important to use it and became one of the strongest reasons to invade Iraq.
No body could deny the catastrophe of Halabja while the photos of the victims are in the internet and in the museum.. Still it seems that Talbani being involved in Iraq issue more than Halabja!! fighting for Kirkuk and the people of Halabja felt how much their victims were used for a political victory and no more..