Sunday, February 05, 2006

“Timer” and the Special Guest of Bush..

The reports and TV footages put the special guest honored o attend the Bush’s State of the Union Speech.. The guest was a German shepherd! The dog, sorry, the SPECILA GUEST was escorted with his sergeant; both were back from their service in Iraq!!
The GUEST made me remember Timer; the explosive- sniffer that was in service close to the Palatine Hotel. I do not know how many times, Timer blocked us inside the hotel because he suspected there were explosives in a car or a camera; we were blocked waiting the American explosive teams to come to deal with Mr. Timer findings!!.. Three cars were exploded then finding nothing in it.. Many times journalists were stopped blind folded with cuffed hands because Timer shacked his “smart” head; again the teams found nothing but after hours of waiting and humiliating..
Timer ruled us 6 months.. His escort used to come with him from his staying place: the ex presidential palace with an ice box filled with pure water and healthy food.. Always there was a hungry Iraqi dog near by but never went and demanded food from him..
When Iraq was sanctioned; there were hundreds of such spoiled dogs with the different UN teams.. In a study published when Oil for Food program became valid, the research wrote that the allocation for every UN dog was $1000 per month while the allocation for every Iraqi was $5 per month; of course the was from the revenue of the program..
I am not against the rights of the animals!! Yet I thing a special guest should be a family of an American killed soldier in Iraq who was killed defending Bush lies..
Wake up WORLD.