Saturday, December 31, 2005

A Very Peaceful New Year Eve

I was thinking in having a peaceful last day of this full of pain year; yet I came through an economic study that disturbed my brain, if I have any!!..
The study sys that the Arab Petrol States, especially the Gulf tiny states, got $500 billion profits this year!! Could you realize the number?
This unimaginable amount of money is enough to eliminate the poverty in the whole Arab World BUT…
United Arab Emirates and the other Gulf States are busy in building luxury housing compounds for the (foreigners) like it is happening in Dubai!! I am saying (foreigners) because the population in these countries are equal to the population of a small town in Egypt.. Luxury compounds, fancy malls, colorful festivals that attended by the (foreigners) too… while 25 poor Sudanese were killed in Cairo yesterday!! Those poor Sudanese were with the hundred others waiting an asylum to no where…The Sudanese people are another game between the American hands that are using them very calmly and just to the point..
Here in Iraq, always I use to say that every yesterday is better than tomorrow. At least yesterday we know what had happened; every tomorrow here brings another agony that we do not know..
The (big) winners are still in meeting in the northern Iraq.. They are putting the last scheme of dividing Iraq… they are sharing the coming so called government as if democracy is a tool of the winners only! While their relatives are enjoying Hajj… every member of the "NEW IRAQ" official has the right of going to Hajj and taking with him/her 20 from the relatives and friends on the government account..
In Baghdad, the electricity power is 10 hours off and 1 hour on (this new system of cutting the power began after the elections); the drinking water is only 2 hours on!! And the liquid gas in the Haifa Street compounds is being cut for 6 hours a day…
What a happiness.. Yet if I would watch the (glass from its full half) I would discover that the government is taking care of us.. The water is being cut to stop us taking bath because it is winter and we might catch cold!! The power is being cut to force us sleep early and have long rest.. the gas is being cut to force us to leave the houses to the restaurants and have fun… the high ranking officials are either in Hajj or out side Iraq having the New Year with their families, again, to give us some rest from the attacks if they insist on staying in Iraq…
Every thing is very becoming very expensive in Iraq except the Iraqis them selves!! The International bank began its dirty work in Iraq; giving loans putting the Iraqis between their rock and the government hard place…
It is very peaceful New Year Eve…


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Blogger Sarah Hall said...

I'm very glad to hear something positive from you! Hope that days filled up with "pain" won't come back to you! I'm now leaving... as my essay writing process is not over yet! Thank you for this write-up! Best regards!

5:33 AM  

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