Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The DEMOCRACY beheads the students!

The following reports explains the "democracy" in the "new Iraq".. read it and think then WHO could say NO again?

Thousands of students and professors from the University of Mosul in northern Iraq took in the funeral of a student leader found dead along with another student after they were kidnapped by unknown assailants.
The body of Qusay Salaheddin, president of the student union, and Ahmed, his deputy, were identified although they were beheaded Sunday morning. Salaheddin was elected this year by a 3,000 student. .
Prior to his kidnapping the both led two demonstrations protesting the results of the elections and the increasing of the fuel prices..
During his funeral, student chanted slogans accusing Kurdish and Shiite elements of the police force of involvement in his kidnap and murder.
The both shouted against Jafari, the Shiite transitional prime minister and Talbani, the Kurdish president.
The angry students swore that they will not forget and will take the revenge of killing their fellow students.
WHO are the terrorists in Iraq? Long live "DEMON"RACY