Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Donald Rumsfeld was here in Iraq... He stayed for a while in the Green Zone giving his "precious" recommendation to the "Iraqi" puppets who are "ruling" Iraq; to be frankly who are destroying Iraq to make their master Bush happy and satisfied.
Many international dailies published on the front page his photo serving the American occupation soldiers in an American base some where in Iraq. He looked funny wearing the cooking hat.. Yet he made me angry; why did he serve clean and healthy food for the Americans while he is feeding us wars, new kind of bombs and terror?
Rumsfeld asked the two Kurdish "leaders" Barzani and Talbani to do their best in putting an end to the elections war that began when the Kurds themselves violated the rules and committed openly many acts against democracy. HOW and WHY?
Just before a while I heard that the Shiites who won the "elections" through violations too are insisting to create their "Shiite Region" in the south of Iraq; their pretext is Saddam used their oil recourses for building palaces and his birth place Ouja and Tikrit… like the Kurds who are going to use the northern oil fields for their region because Saddam used this recourses for gassing them!! They are insisting to divide Iraq taking Saddam a pretext… They refuse to believe that Saddam harmed the whole Iraq without differentiating among the Iraqis and the cities… Yet Bush, Iran and Israel are supporting Shiites and Kurds who in turn are achieving their agendas in dividing and destroying Iraq.
Happy New Year..
The New Year will be felt in every where except Iraq; the coming year will bear the same faults and crimes committed by the Americans and their puppets against the Iraqis.
On the New Year Tree; the Iraqis hanged the remains of the car bombs, killed bodies, the names of those who killed by the "friendly fires", the fear of the children, the tears of the mothers, the needs of the poor, the threatens of a civil war and there is no enough room for even a small dream..
Come and pick the gift you want… take a car bomb.. it is a horrible idea; but what about us… we pry before leaving the house because we do not know if we will be back or not because of the car bombs and IEDs and the Americans.
Another year under the occupation.. it seems to be a hard year if the Kurdish militia will replace the 7500 Americans who will withdrew according to Rumsfeld!! Could imagine how those Kurds will act in Baghdad and elsewhere?
I was dreaming that Sunnis and Shiites will put hand in hand and help the Iraqis in restoring Iraq; by the way almost the all "big" lists violated the elections including the two Sunnis "big" that led by Adnan Dulaimi and Salih Mutlak. These "big" politicians are after their interests and do not thinking in Iraq.
Back to my dream; I do not know how I forgot that dreams are impossible in Iraq; I use to say that dying is easier than dreaming in Iraq; an alliance between the Sunnis and Shiites will stop the fear of a civil war; will stop the greedy Kurds; will stop the Iranian interference; will stop the terrorists and will give possible life to the Iraqis…defiantly Bush will refuse because such alliance will finish his project in Iraq.
Today the Iraqis were saying that the prices of the fuel will be increased again by the New Year… they do not know that World Bank began giving debts to Iraq and the prices of every necessary item should be increased to make the Iraqis poorer and more needy to make the Americans richer and stay longer here. World Bank is an UN organization controlled by the Americans who use it as their iron hand here and there.
Every thing is becoming very expensive here except the Iraqis who are being killed every day.
New Year..
Happy New Year; may your wishes come true inshalalh. Please make a wish for us…
I could not make any wish… Year after another I made wishes; every year I put the new wishes on or under the old wishes… no wish came true; not because I could not work or think but because always America was and still hindering our wishes confiscating our dreams and recourses.
Bills will ring; Santa comes.. Thanks to Allah that Rumsfeld did not wear Santa's hat in Iraq!!