Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Iraq: Faults and Bloods

"Sorry for not writing… every thing is too complicated and painful that sometimes paralyzes us.. WHAT TO SAY? ARE YOU WATCHING THE NEWS OR NOT? WE NEED YOUR VOICE AGAINST BUSH AND BLAIR the TYRANTS OF THE WORLD.."

Unexpected comers stormed in Baghdad last Sunday; heavy rainstorm almost paralyzed the life, the US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Jack Straw, the British foreign minister.
The rainstorm that emptied the streets helped them to reach the Green Zone by an armored military vehicle without any disturbed.
Rice came to Iraq after her admitting that they "the Americans" made thousands of tactical faults in Iraq!! Yet she assured that their "strategy" in Iraq was and still right! If the strategists were the National Security Agency or whoever, the appliers were Bush, his administration and the US military forces in Iraq… So Bush committed the faults but the strategic decision of invading Iraq was right!! Admitting the faults that generated till now more than 200 000 Iraqi civilians victims, 2300 Americans were killed and the whole life and system in Iraq was destroyed. Without taking any real step toward saving Iraq and Iraqis; the only thing the world should realize that Bush has nothing in Iraq but to destroy the country.
Rice and straw gave this "storm" visit to Iraq to force forming the government ending the power vacuum that generates more violence actions.
Rice seemed unhappy and unrest while meeting Ibrahim Ja'afari, the United Iraqi Alliance candidate while she was smiling while taking her lunch with Dr Adil Abdul Mahdi whom she might prefer to be the coming Iraqi prime minister.. She declared sending "a very direct message" through her statement" The Iraqi people are losing patience and that's showing up in polling, it's showing up, I'm told, in cartoons, it's showing up in the news coverage here."
She was trying to create a spilt in INA through this message.. Did she manage this?
Kurds began attacking Ja'afari asking him to withdraw after his state visit to Turkey last February; then the national Accord Front joined the Kurds. Kurds dislike Ja'fari because he did not accept giving Kirkuk to them and they explain his visit to Turkey as if he was insisting to not giving the oil rich city to them; while the Sunnis are refusing him because of being sectarian worsening the security more and more…during Rice and Straw visit and a while after their departure many members of the Iraqi National Alliance list asked Ja'fari withdraw; yet Moqtada Sadr, whose followers, are the strongest element on the list declared his support to Ja'fari.
Rice said that Iraq needs a "strong" prime minister to "unify" Iraq… till now Ja'fari is refusing drop out because "the nation elected me; I withdraw only when the nation asks me"!!
Rice began the scheme against Ja'fari; how it would finish?
The Iraqi politicians speak about solutions: Ja'fari will realize being unaccepted; Grand Ayatolalh Sistani will interfere or the Parliament will decide and choose..
Was rice trying to fix one of her or Bush's faults in Iraq through urging to form the Iraqi government? Or she committed another fault through interfering in the Iraqi internal affairs?

No body could answer yet the blood still storms the streets in Iraq.. those who are living in the fortified Green Zone will never feel this blood..


Blogger Nadia said...

"those who are living in the fortified Green Zone will never feel this blood.."
Dear an iraqi tear,

This is why I think it is crucial that occupation troops leave Iraq and all occupation civil people too.

With this move Iraqis in the Green Zone will be forced to live with the rest of Iraqis. From here we would all take the steps forward together.

I think it will be difficult because years of dictatorship and on top of it a brutal US invasion who have destroyed way too many things, but we have no choice, we will pick up the pieces and take one step at a time.

US and its allies must all leave Iraq, they are like a rope strangling Iraq to death.

12:19 PM  
Blogger the woman i was said...

Dear Nadia,
Did you hear Talbani yesterday while giving his speech as the first elected “President”? He thanked three times “our allies and friends who liberated us” adding ‘because of them we are enjoying all these good times”!! He did not ask the occupation forces to leave; in his turn Bush is insisting to stay unless the “elected Iraqi government” asks him to pull out!!
It is a dilemma! more than 50 civilian Iraqis are being killing every day , in addition there are more than 100 wounded; more than 100 000 were kidnapped since the beginning of the occupation; 70 journalists, about 200 profs and academics were assassinated..
Do you know that Talbani receives $1 million per month salary!! What to say?
According to Baghdad morgue 170 000 were killed torturing by drills; using drill is the style of the death squads!!
What to say more?
Yes we should work together and collect our parts and dreams to have our Iraq. May AlMighty Allah help us.

10:53 AM  
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