Sunday, December 31, 2006

Executing Saddam; Executing Iraq

After Execution of Saddam; Iraqis lost forever the relations that destroyed their country. Saddam was not sentenced to death because of 148 Iraqis were executed when they planned to assassinate him while visiting Dujail in 1982 when he was President; this sentence came to save the “face” of the White House and many Iraqi politicians who are now key players in Iraq. The whole world remember Bush the father, the vice US president in 1983, saying; “he (Saddam) is our man in the there”! What was the relation between Bush the first and their (man) who drove Iraq to this end? The Iraqis will never discover the odd relation between Saddam and Masoud Barzani whom he helped against the militia of Jalal Talbani, now the Iraqi President, in 1996, to ”liberate” Erbil? Iraqis will never know again the odd relations between Saddam and Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak whom Saddam helped to restore leading Arab League which was shifted to Tunisia after the Egyptian former President Anwar Sadat visited Israel in 1977? Iraqis will never know the reason of the strange meeting between Saddam and Tanzanian retired President Julius Nayriry who visited Baghdad on the last day of 1988; then Saddam announced the forming of the Arab Cooperation Council in February 1989. On that visit, Nayriry said that he came to advice Saddam to establish regional councils to lead the region!! That council made Mubarak knew every thing about Iraq giving the data to US becoming one of the leading Arab leaders toward destroying Iraq. Execution Saddam is the last step of eliminating secrets would make the world to discover how America played changing the face of the region and destroying Iraq. The first step was the Tons of Iraqi official documents taken by US officials on the day Baghdad was occupied. Saddam was executed in the coming days. Who would sentence Bush who executed the whole Iraq? Bush made Iraq drown in Iraqis bloods while still until now telling lies after lies and smiling!! The all crimes committed by Saddam is being committing in Iraq now by the American occupying forces.
Executing a President in Iraq is not a strange matter. Going through the history of the modern Iraq; one can easily see that the all rulers of the modern Iraq, since 1921, were assassinated, executed and massacred brutally. The only President escaped this fate was Abdul Rahman Arif (1966-1968) who toppled by the Ba’thists in 1968.
While Saddam was buried one piece; I mean his body was one piece; only AlMighty Allah knows how the Iraqi “new” rulers would be buried?

Regarding the Iraqis new rulers, the execution is a “victory”. The followers of the Shiite cleric Muqtada Al-Sadr who suspend their participation in the political process protesting the meeting between Bush and the Iraqi Prime Minister weeks ago, said they will activate their participation after the execution. The Iraqis who are losing their country after losing more than 100 civilians every day know very well that the trial of Saddam was not but a political play to give “glory” to Bush who cheated the whole world alleging “Saddam is threatening US security”. Saddam’s lawyers who met him on the day of ratifying the sentence said he was smiling with high morals!! If he was smiling or not; the question is how the Iraqi cause would be finished?
Like it or not; one image no body will forget it: Saddam went to the gallows refusing wearing head cover while his executers were covering their heads and faces!!


Blogger The Iraq Solidarity Campaign (UK) said...

Dear Iraqi Tear,

please find the following article on Iraq Solidarity News (al-Thawra), on the effects that the occupation has caused to the children of Iraq.

The article is called Western Civilisation and we would like to hear what you have to say about the situation.

Please find the link below

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Blogger sink sink socks said...

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Blogger fatima said...

Dear Iraqi tear , do not pay attention the sink sink socks spammer , unfortunately there are many like him in the US , who have no clue what is happening in Iraq , and the toll of deaths and despair and human misery . Unfortunately these kind of people also put someone as dumb as Bush in government . if i were you i would deleted his idiotic messages rather than allowing them on my site. why use filth when he can either contribute or shut up . anyway you are doing a wonderful job . Marwa photos are heartbreaking i shared it with some of my cyberfriends.

9:14 AM  
Blogger the woman i was said...

dear fatima,
i am trying to delete this stupid unpolite yet i could not.. always he is here and there.
lesve him to speak his foolish things.. heis nothing but an a...hole(sorry) for this word like his buh the second and other stupid americans.
i missed your comments.
sorry to not writing all the past days.

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Blogger El Dueño said...

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