Tuesday, November 01, 2005

i am confused

After 1636, what does Syria do?
What had happened against Iraq confused me.
During the Iran-Iraq war; the late Syrian President Hafiz Al-Asad did his best helping the Iranians who were killing the Iraqis. Now with the Iranian interfere in Iraqi internal affairs and exporting terrorists to Iraq we are discovering but late that Iran was began the war.. So in that eight year bloody war Syria gave every possible support to the Iranians. In 1991, Syria, again Hafiz Al-Asad allied with USA lunching one of the dirtiest war of the history against Iraq.. Not only Syria, but Egypt and other Arab States; and the all with the Arab League supported the unfair sanctions imposed on Iraq that killed 750 000 Iraqi children under five.
In turn, the first martyr on the Egyptian front during the October war 1973 was an Iraqi pilot called Mohammed. The Egyptian writer and novelist Jamal Al-Ghaytani wrote about wrote about the martyr Mohammed in his book "The Guardians of the Eastern Gate"- published in Cairo and Beirut 1979.. In that book Al-Ghaytani before being bought by the Kuwaitis in 1990-1991, he wrote about the Iraqi forces that contributed in protecting Damascus and liberating Sinai. Plus, Iraq was always close to the Arabs; but Arabs, the regimes not the nations insisted to kill the Iraqis with the American Administrations… The Arab Nations that are always ruled by unjust rulers and they have nothing to do but obey, I hope the Americans will not harm the Syrian people.
I am praying may AlMighty Allah protect the children not only in Iraq and Syria but in the whole world. Pray with us; may AlMighty give the American Administrations calm and quite mood to deal with the others as human beings.
I am confused.. I should pray for Syrians or not? The WHOLE WORLD contributed and still in killing the Iraqis; I hope this ugly world will do some thing for Syria..