Saturday, April 29, 2006

Killing the Sunnis!!

Fearing the "men in black" I asked a Shiite taxi driver whom I know to drive me whenever I need going some where. He waits me exactly in the park inside our residential complex. Reaching the park; he calls me then I dare to leave the house.. Yet I will stay fearing because of the so called police check points.. One of the policemen will ask the driver if he is Sunni or Shiite!! Around the steering wheel; my driver puts a piece of green cloth that he brought from Imam Ali Shrine to bless his car; this green is a singe that the owner of the car is Shiite; a singe that satisfies me..
Yesterday a while before the mid night I woke up when the mosque opposite to my house suddenly began calling "Allah Akber".. It was not the time of prayer!! From the window I saw more than 20 wearing black were trying to attack the mosque; with the second call; heavy fires were exchanged between the near check point of the National Guard and the black wearers who at last withdrew..
Today after my driver gave a miss-call informing he is in the car park; the phone began ringing again.. I did not answer thinking he was the driver; the phone rang again and again; deciding to answer I discovered it was my son..
He was trying to tell me something but not finding the word.. Then he said, "mom please hear me well and try to help me.. I lost my mobile and the money"..
Then he explained the story:
He was on his way to Ghazaliya to see a friend whose father was attacked; he escaped the attempt but after the "unknown gunmen who were wearing police uniform!! wounded him seriously". Close to the Central Children Hospital, a joint police-national guard check point stopped him.. (Such check points used to stop him several times a day because his car number plate reads Salah Al-Deen; cars having the plates Salah Al-Deen- the birthplace of Saddam, Mosul, Diyala and Anbar; the Sunni governorates stopped by the check points and you can imagine what would be happen to a driver being alone) and my son was alone.
A policeman asked him if he is Sunni or Shiite.. From his spoken accent my son discovered that he was from the south so he was Shiite; my son answer was (I am a Shitte).. The next question "why is your car carrying this number?" my son told him that he bought the car from Baghdad and he is from Kararda (mostly Shiite area in Baghdad). They asked him to leave the car; a national guard pretended searching the car and in front of my son eyes he put a grenade in side the car; the policeman came and found the grenade.
What is this? He asked my son who answered: tell me exactly what do you want?
Another policeman who was searching the car told him: look I found this book in your car with the name Omer (a Sunni name).. Who is Omer? A student in my class, my son answered.
"F,, Omer and every Sunni; be a good Shiite and curse Omer and the Sunnis" the policeman adviced him.. Then the first policeman told him, "I will forget the grenade if you will give me your money and the mobile"/
My son had with him $200, he was going to pay the internet server and the wages of his private teacher.. The policeman took the $200 and his $430 worthy N70 Nokia mobile that he bought days ago..
What could we do?
Nothing but thanking AlMighty Allah that they let him go..
The extreme Shiite minister of interior Bayan Jabr Soulagh who used to deny the sectarian crimes are being committing while the Iraqis know that he him self was and still commanding the sectarian attacks achieving the Iranian agenda in Iraq.

Till now more that 244 Omers were assassinated in Baghdad. They were kidnapped or arrested by the police; then their tortured and shot dead bodies were found.
The Iraqis are accusing the Iranians or those Iraqis who were trained in Iran and our proof is the Iranians used to torture the prisoners of war in the same way and most of them were killed in the front of the war in the same "technique" of killing..
Soulagh and trying to defend his Shiite death squads; told in a press conference that almost 150 000 criminals wear the police uniform and drive cars look like police cars!! Months ago he said that the government will ask non Iraqis to provide the police uniform yet he did nothing allowing about 15 cloth stores to sell such uniform to every body.. It is an official plan to protect the criminals.
Who could protect our sons, lives and homes?
No body, the answer I will hear.
Americans are allowing such crimes to hide their lies and fail in Iraq.
I will repeat again:



Blogger Carol Mae Ray said...

I am an American woman iving in safety and ssecurity in the US. I shook my head as I read your account of your son and the phone and the obvious danger ou and your country is in. I offer my profoundest apologies for what the US government has done. I did not vote for Bush and his henchmen either the first or the second time.

4:20 PM  
Blogger the woman i was said...

daer carol,
thanks to not vote for bush; yet the matter is not bush; it is the american policy..
you are safe coz we are being killed here under the name of fighting terrorism to give you a safer world!!

3:16 AM  
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