Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Death of A Great Iraqi

Yesterday morning we lost a great man: Dr Issam Al-Rawi, a geology scientist and in the same time a moderate Sunni who used to make the gap between the Sunnis and Shiites leading personalities smaller.
Just a while before being attacked, Al-Rawi was on TV interview urging the Iraqis to comply with Mecca Code leaving aside the sectarian violence. He was attacked in Al-Dawoodi neighborhood, west Baghdad, where his house is, shortly after leaving his home toward the Baghdad University. Two other profs were with him; the both were wounded. The attack took place yesterday morning (Oct 30). The killers blocked his way then began shooting him. (According to the eyewitnesses Al-Rawi who used to go every where without bodyguards; a white four wheel drive vehicle - Land Cruse 2004- almost used by the high-ranking officials in the ministry of the interior affairs and this vehicle is the “trade mark” of the Shiite death squads backed by the some high-ranking officers and officials inside the ministry; there were four persons in the car, the driver, one was protecting the other two who shot Al-Rawi and the car escaped in front of a National Guards check point toward Al-Mansour area. Many previous reports confirmed that the former minister of the interior, the minister of finance now, Bayan Jabr and the former Prime Minister Al-Jaafari, gave tens of such vehicles to the death squads.)

According to his friends and family, the Death Squads were after his assassination. But I think the following:
• The occupation forces and the “Iraqi” police special forces raided his office ( the League of the Iraqi Universities Profs) which was established by him to defend the profs rights and lives, on Oct 19 (the Iraqi police special forces are almost Shiites; many reports confirmed its links with death squads). He issued a communiqué on Oct 28 condemning the raid through which the doors were broken, the literary was messed; the office of Al-Rawi- the president of the league and his deputy office were searched. He finished the communiqué saying, “we are putting I front of the nobles in the world and the patriot Iraqis some of the acts of the alleged democracy and liberation.”
• He taught in Erbil University from the late eighties till April 2003; there he began relation with the Islamic Kurdish parties; he kept the relation till his martyrdom. (the two leading Kurdish parties PUK of Talbani and PDK of Barzani) have no good relation with the Islamist Kurds who are opposing the relation with US and Israel.
• Many parties in Iraq; especially Al-Qaeda and Mahdy army are trying to shut down the education system in Iraq, while Al-Rwai was insisting to go to the school of science- geology departments where he was a prof. (by the way the first PhD was given in geology in Baghdad University was given to Al-Rawi in the late seventies).
Those criminals who killed Al-Rawi, hit many birds by one stone:
They killed the most moderate voice in the Association of the Moslem Scholars; they killed a leading Sunni personality who used to visit and talk with the Shiite clerics and they killed the prof who led the league that used to defend them; i.e.; the whole profs are an open target.
by the killing of Al-Rawi, the toll of Iraqi profs and academics who were killed under the ocupation became 300!!
the painful thing is the WORLD is still wtching the Hell in Iraq without thinking even in saying a word of sorry to the Iraqis. What does the world waite for?

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bush does not HEAR; does not SEE but does SPEAk

The prestigious British medical journal, The Lancet, published a study achieved by researchers from John Hopkins (American) and Al-Mustansiriya (Iraqi) universities, stated that more than 650,000 people have been killed in Iraq since March 20 2003, the date on which Bush began invading Iraq till now. The figures means that the U.S.-led war on Iraq, a country of about 27 million, which means that 2.5 per cent of the Iraqi 27 million population has died because of the invasion.President Bush denied the study saying in White House press conference, "I don’t consider it a credible report. Neither does General George Casey and neither do Iraqi officials"! According to Bush, the Iraqi civilian causalities are not more than 50 000, again according to him, they are collateral lost!! In his turn, Iraqi government spokesman Ali Al Dabbagh disagreed with the study saying in a press conference in the Green Zone; “The report is unbelievable. These numbers are exaggerated and not precise.”
Yet many Iraqis say that the figure might be bigger; they say that the sectarian violence flooded the country after explosion of the Samara golden dome last February. Since then, no less than 40 dead bodies are being found in Baghdad; black banners mourning those who are being tortured and killed are every where in Baghdad especially and other Iraqi cities in general. More than 50 000 un- identified dead bodies were buried in Najaf and other 46 000 un- identified dead bodies were buried in Kerbala, the two figures were announced by the official sources of the Iraqi ministry of health. Again according to a source from Baghdad morgue, the morgue was receiving 10-20 bodies every day, victims of the violence actions in Baghdad; yet after Samara the figure began growing day after other. The UN human rights committee said in its latest reports that 100 killed bodies received by the morgue every day in the last three months!! It seems that Bush does not hear or see; he does only speak.. He believes and tries to force the others to believe him.. Tens of the Iraqis are being killing every day; among them always are those who are being killed by the American friendly fires; still the World is watching silently waiting the end of the bloody American democracy action movie in Iraq! Because of the sectarian violence, 230 Sunni families were forced by Shiite militia to leave their homes in Al-Hurriya and Al-Shaab neighborhoods, west Baghdad last week; in the same time hundreds of Shiite families were forced to leave their homes from Al-Ghazaliya, Amiriya and other areas in Baghdad. According to the sources of the Iraqi ministry of education more than 10 000 students are being absence in Baghdad schools because of their families were forced to leave the area where their schools were; they could not go back to the school to have transfer documents; otherwise they will be killed!! Bush made Iraq drowned by the bloods of the Iraqis; yet he is insisting to mislead the American and world public opinion and he is managing it!! How much Iraqis will be killed more to satisfy Bush revenge feeling? "I will do it for my daddy", Bush announced in January 2003 speaking about his war against Iraq; "this man (Saddam) tried to kill my daddy", he said.. How long takes the sectarian violence in Iraq? Again, the sectarian and ethnic disputed among the Iraqis were planned by Bush and Paul Bremer the third, his viceroy in Iraq, while establishing the Governing Council on the sectarian and ethnic bases.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Rice: To Hell!!

Rice is continuing her efforts to be white; to be Bush more than Bush him self, yet she will stay black.. Here I am not trying to be racist but Rice pushes me to think in this way; since she began her career as a top US official she behaves in a way shows being complicated being black and not pretty.. She found her life chance through being the shadow Bush the first.. Living with the bloody Bushes family; she discovered the privilege of being white and wealthy in the States. She is smart; yet she used her smartness in a very ugly way: to be against every body who is against the Bushes policy which is trying to destroy the world.
She was in Iraq in the last couple of days. She left her plane wearing body armor.. I hope that she felt through this heavy vest what her MASTER committed against Iraq and Iraqis. She came to say more lies and to commit more faults.. She admitted months ago that her Administration committed “THOUSANDS FAULTS IN IRAQ” yet neither she nor her master are ready to apologize from the Iraqis.
Iraqis hate you; hate your insane master. We think the wealth you did through our bloods is enough; are you after more oil tankers and ships? What ever you will do; you will stay un ugly black woman.. In your photo I chose; you are trying to open a door.. might you open it today; but you will never know what would be behind one day. Bushes will leave one day; you will stay a lonely woman with no more power to destroy Iraq and other countries.
No Iraqis will kiss you in the way Jalal Talbani did; you both have the same MASTER whom you both are serving.
The Iraqis know that Bush was and still after the daily blood baths in Iraq (Iraqis civilian victims are more than 1000 every month), they will never forget or forgive.
Rice go to hell.