Saturday, May 20, 2006

Tell Lies; Kill the Iraqis

I think there is not any suitable comment for this..
Two from SCIRI are laughing from all their hearts.. Why not?
Soulagh after creating the DEATH squads became the “new’ minister of finance.. Now he will do his best to finance the squads from the “governmental” budget; if there is any!
Soulagh is the perfect example for CORRUPATION and KILLING the Iraqis..
He could be a movie star; he is already “acting” in an Iraqi movie I named it: How to tell lies and rule Iraq; or How to tell lies and kill the Iraqis..
The other photo is a man who lost his beloved one; whoever was the killer; Soulagh did his best to create it!!
In the second photo we see: Soulagh and Adil Abdul Mahdi
The first is unknown crying man. CRYING is the new Iraqi LIFE STYLE!

Zarqawi; khadhrawi

While going to his university; my son saw a brutal assassination close to Qahtan Sq south Baghdad.. Three men were in a car; another three came close to them; the driver felt that he is going to be killed; he opened the door trying to escape but the machine gun began firing him.. My son left his car; the others did the same while the policemen in the close check point did nothing until the unknown killers left the scene!!
My son was going to submit his graduation project and have a presentation.. He went to the class had nothing to say. The man with smashed head and blood every where insisted to not leave his mind.. Why did they kill him? Who were they?
It is his first time to be too close to such "operation"..
"For seconds I felt the bullets were in my car" he told me adding. "I left the car trying to find a shelter.. Really I was afraid".
As usual I had nothing to tell him but to be careful.. BEING CAREFUL in Baghdad and elsewhere in Iraq is a bad joke… Yet the bloody politicians were on the TV laughing and shaking hands as if they are in another planet!!
They are from another planet already; the Green Zone.
Why the do call it green zone?
My brother answered, "Because the people there know how to plant the unachieved promises"!!
Iraqis are being confused between tow colors: blue and green. Blue (Azraq and Zarqa) from which Zarqawi had his nick name; green is (Akhdhar and Khadhra) from which I gave the nick name Khadhrawi for the inhabitants of the Green Zone. Between the Zarqawi and Khadhrawi; the Iraqis have nothing to say but waiting; yet nobody knows what waiting for?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Iraq Before and After "LIBERATION"!!

The first two photos are Iraqi female students in 1963-1964; the third photo is Iraqi female students in 2006!! In other words the Iraqi women before and after "liberation"…
You can imagine the condition in Iraq through these photos. Iraq was the most developed and liberated country in the Middle East and among the Islam World although the Iraqis were devoted Moslems; yet they knew the real Islam not the Iranian imported Islam… I have no more comments.. Waiting yours..