Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Death Squads!

On the last day of the Cairo meeting, the different Iraqi parties and movements approved the final communiqué; among them was the association of the Moslem scholars. The Association was attacked a lot of being an apologist of the "terrorist" yet the Association ask always to recognize the Iraqi resistance and the others should differentiate between the resistance and the terrorism. The Iraqis had a deep breath for the apparently success of the Cairo meeting. They felt it was a step toward stop the coming well- planned civil war.
BUT; the DEATH SQUADS wearing police and ING uniform; driving four wheel vehicles that used by the high-ranking officials continue their work in targeting the Suunis. Today Sheikh Kadhim Sarhid al-Hemaiyem, a Suuni leader was killed along with three sons and a son in law in Baghdad; one month ago the same SQUADS killed his elder son. Two days ago another Sunni religion man with two his sons were killed. Many Sunnis were arrested in Baghdad, Diyala and other parts of Iraq. Today, a new operation began against Ramadi, about 80km west of Baghdad. Ramadi is the main city of Anbar province; Falluja, Qaim and Haditha are parts of the same province.
Civil war is a Shiite-Kurdish dream and plan. Shiites are after their region or their independent state to be linked with Iran. Kurdish and according to Barzani, "will announce our independent state if a civil war begin."
Sunnis were blamed for boycotting the political process in so called the "NEW IRAQ"; now they are trying to be a part of this process but there is "who" is trying to stop them.
The Iraqis, Sunnis and Moqtada followers feel that Badr Forces, the militia of SCIRI, are after the death squads. They labeled these forces as "GHADR FORCES- the treachery forces". These forces were trained in Iran and now they are the Iranian trend Shiite parties strong hand in Iraq.
When the former transitional prime minister Ayad Allawi tried to dismantle the militias of the political parties; Badr forces became Badr Organization; a political organization with tens of thousands fighters.
To be fair; I should say that the death squads are targeting not only the Sunnis but also the Shiites who were pilots and officers in the former Iraqi army; the Shiite Ba'thists, the Shiite academics.
To be fair again; many Iraqis believe that US occupation forces are after the death squads as a tool to stay more in Iraq; they also believe that US and Israel are after killing the Iraqi academics.
WHO ever is; the result is the same: killing the Iraqis; forcing the intellectual to flee and destroying Iraq and the Iraqi value scale more and more.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Saddam the "Value"!

On May 1st 2003; Bush announced that he liberated Iraq to save the Iraqis from the tyrant bringing to them the human rights according to the international laws, charters and accords The tyrant who spent 35 years killing and torturing the Iraqis. Yet the US military forces and their Iraqi collaborators forgot the Human Rights Charter in Iraq. The Americans are fighting the terrorism on the Iraqis account to give the Americans a safer world while the Iraqi collaborators are achieving the agendas of the countries they spent the years of exile. Whenever the Iraqis asked and still about their rights; the answer was and still, "could you dare to ask Saddam?"
When the Abu Gharib scandal discovered and hundreds of Iraqi detainees were tortured, humiliated and sexually abused; the Americans and the new Iraq high ranking officials were trying to defend them selves saying, "but Saddam used to torture the detainees"!! When the International Transparency announced Iraq as the most corrupted country in the world; the new Iraq ministers say, "but Saddam was corrupted"!!
Last week, on the day the Pentagon admitted using the lethal White Phosphorous against the "enemy" in Falluja- November-December 2004; the US military forces announced discovering an underground prison administrated by the ministry of interior affairs. The news bulletins put the admitting once putting the new Iraqi scandal every hour. 176 detainees mostly Sunnis were tortured. Those who were in charge of torturing used the same torture machines used under Saddam. Again, trying to defend themselves; the high ranking officials of the ministry said, "but Saddam and his followers used to torture the prisoners"!!
So those who came in the pretext of saving the Iraqis from Saddam but Saddam became their "value". They are not dealing with the Iraqis like him but they are competing him trying to be better than him in harming the Iraqis.
To be fair they could not compare themselves with Saddam. to be fair they should compare year by year. In the first two years Saddam did not kill about 150 000 civilians, did not steal about $10 billion. So we can imagine what will be happen to Iraq and Iraqis after 35 years. Then they can compare themselves with their "value" Saddam.
According to the available reports, 150 000 civilian Iraqis were killed from the beginning of the American invasion till the last week. Iraq became the most danger place to live in. Iraq became the poorest despite the vast national recourses; about 60% from the Iraqi labor forces are jobless. There is shortage in fuel although Iraq is one of the largest oil producers countries in the world. Despite the donations; the reconstruction did not begin.
In new Iraq, sex trafficking, drugs and street children became phenomenon that we did not know under Saddam. yet the most dangerous phenomenon is the death squads. Unknowns wearing police uniforms; driving police four wheel vehicles are kidnapping and killing tens every week and the ministries of defense and interior are observing silently. The international rate of the terrorist actions is 10 victims per operation; in Iraq it is 23 victims per operation!!
Long live New Iraq.

Between the Zarqawi Hard Place and the American Rock!

Yesterday five members of one family, three children in Diyala, 70km northeast of Baghdad. US military forces admitted the crime saying in their communiqué," they were killed by mistake!!". Another communiqué stated, "the driver failed to stop at the checkpoint". Days ago, an American tank crushed a car killing a whole family in Doura-Baghdad. The driver did not failed to stop but the Americans vehicles have the right of crushing any car while patrolling in the streets and the pretext is "self defense"
With in three days more than 200 civilians and 25 police and INGs were killed; more than 200 wounded in suicide attacks in Baghdad and other parts of Iraq. As usual Zarqawi announced responsibility.
Zarqawi is killing; his pretext is saving the Iraqis from the infidel Americans; the Americans are killing; their pretext is saving the Iraqis from the terrorists and fundamentalists!! The Iraqis do not know how to defend and save their lives!!
Back to the American's checkpoints; the Americans shot a friend of mine because he failed to stop at the checkpoint in Doura-Baghdad. There were 36 bullets in his car and more than 20 shrapnels in his face and body. According to the report he was given by the Americans themselves he was fired 100 meters away from the checkpoint!! My friend, who studied law, went to the compensation committee for the damages of his car. There he did not see the judge (an American)between them. An Iraqi translator was between the hall where the judge was and the waiting hall where the Iraqis should stay. Such judges could be seen only in Iraq. My friend did not know if the translator was accurate enough in conveying the "messages" between the Iraqis and the American judge!!
Back to Zarqawi; the number 2 US commander in Iraq said today that the DNA approved Zarqawi was not among those who were killed in Mosul three days ago. Then the Americans said that they bombed a house where eight of Al-Qaeda leaders.
What could the Iraqis do except dying?
The family of Zarqawi expelled him from the tribe after the terrorist attacks of Amman. In a letter published in the Jordanian dailies; his brother said that Abu Musab astonished him by attacking the Jordanian!! This brother was not astonished while Abu Musab is killing the civilian Iraqis all over Iraq every day.. on the contrary, the family was always very proud of the son heroic actions!!
Whom we could blame?
Again I am asking the Americans to thank the Iraqis; they owe us; we are dying to give them a safer world!! Till when the world will leave Bush continuing his war against terrorism in Iraq?
Defiantly no body have the answer; while Bush confirms every day his staying in Iraq until "our goals will be achieved"..

Thursday, November 10, 2005

No Dispute!

The two main Kurdish parities: PUK of the Iraqi transitional president Jalal Talbani and KDP of Masoud Barzani are ready to forget their disputes for the coming elections. They are ready to shake hands working together toward controlling Iraq more and more. Iraqis will never forget, should the Kurds not forget too, that in August 1996, Barzani asked Saddam's help to save KDP and Erbil from PUK. Then the Iraqi forces entered Erbil to rescue Barzani raising the flag now being refused by Barzani himself. "WE do not raise a flag under which my people were killed". He pretends to forget that under the same flag he was saved… he pretends forgetting being close from Saddam…
Whatever, the disputes are still under the ashes. For example "Asiacell" a mobile phone company that owned by Hero Talbani, Jalal's wife and a Kurdish business man from Sulaimaniya is working almost all over Iraq except Erbil. In their turn, in Erbil they have their own company. A Kurd from Sulaimaniya could not contact another Kurd in Erbil by Asiacell, and vice versa, there are not exchanged nets between the two companies.
Last week, I was in Erbil for a small vacation. I took the attached photo. PUK (green) the color of Talbani party xed by yellow (Barzani's color), the banners are here and there in Erbil. It is a gesture says, "We do not want you".
Who could say there is no dispute…?

My Day!!

At morning I received a message from an old friend who left Iraq in the first weeks of the occupation. The message did not give me the pleasure should I have. Day after day I am discovering that my ongoing agony is not deep in my heart but deep in my soul and memory. I felt her tears through the computer," I do not know if we are going to see each other in Baghdad again. I am suffering from a fatal disease. Please stay safe and remember our old days."
Did her sickness surprise me? I do not think so… the real Iraqi takes his heart and memory while living the country... How much the heart could bear the ongoing pain in Iraq?
Frankly I did not remember her before... I tried after reading her mail to recall her face; yet I failed. Barely I could remember my face before the occupation; how could I recall the others!! I am afraid of my mirror; one day all the forgotten faces will jump from it's behind. Then I will meet eyes looking to nowhere. Exactly like the last time I saw them; they were living Iraq to nowhere; even those who were lucky in getting asylum are not living but surviving; like us in Iraq.
I chose to stay in Iraq waiting to see the smile of the palm trees again; once upon a time!!
Before noon, I left my hose with a "dissolved" friend. He was a journalist in Al-Jumhuriya Daily which was dissolved when Bremer ordered dissolving the ministry of information in May 03 leaving about 20 000 families without works. I accompanied him to the ministry of culture where locates "the committee of the information". The committee is trying to find alternative work places for the dissolved former workers and journalists who continued asking for a solution since June 03; the committee was established three months ago. This only one example how the problems are being solved very quickly in Iraq!!!
The ministry of culture occupies the building of the Iraqi Fashion House. The ministry's own building was looted and burnt. Thousands of pieces of the Iraqi modern art were looted from the building before burning it in April 03; since then we are hearing about the reconstruction!! However; the building of the Iraqi Fashion House was one of the most beautiful buildings in the country. As soon as we interned the reception hall when hundreds were waiting; a wave of bad smell attacked us… this building which was always the symbol of the Iraqi beauty once became very dirty.
To find an alternative work place; the dissolved should sign a document answering two questions," had you ever been a member of Ba'th Party? Had you ever been an agent of the intelligence offices?"
The scene was painful. Hundreds served Iraq more than 30 years are waiting to find an alternative place to retire then to have monthly salaries. Hundreds of journalists will lose their posts; the editor will be an accountant for example because those journalists lost their posts when the dissolving decree was issued! My friend gave me the last issue of "Dijla" the cultural monthly published by the ministry of culture. The last issue appeared two days ago with an important interview with Dr. Enad Ghazwan. The writer did not mention that Ghazwan passed away 13 months ago!! When I told a translator whom I know and had an article in the same issue that Ghazwan died almost a year ago; she refused to believe!!!
However; my friend received his salary and we were back. I was driving with fear. Many police patrols and check points in the streets; always there are Americans hammers patrolling; what would be happened if a car bomb comes?
My fear made me ask my self, "Those students, workers, drivers and shoppers who are insisting on leaving their houses to their works are very brave or much despaired?"
The street gives more pain. Iraq, one of the wealthiest countries of the world, became a place of beggars, homeless people and millions under poverty line. WHY? I have no answer; at least now. An old man, about 70 years old, wearing a clean Dishdash, traditional Arabic cloth, with one broken arm was selling cigarettes. He was walking through the crowded street asking the drivers to buy his cigarettes. He was refusing any money without buying cigarettes.
In the news bulletins, no reports in detail about Operation Steel Curtain. Zarqawi threatened t begin Operation Revenge. Again, the civilian Iraqis will pay the high price: their blood.
After noon still affecting by the email of my friend; I decided to call an old friend Omer Juma, the Palestinian journalist who bean his career almost before 20 years of my birth date. Omer Juma was the correspondent of VOA in Iraq when the Kuwait issue began in August 1990. By chance he was in Kuwait when Bush Senior announced crying that the Iraqi forces killed the babies to steal the incubators. He went to the hospital and discovered the lies. He sent his report against Bush announcement to VOA. The report was aired once with in hours Juma was expelled. After the war he published an excellent book about the American and Western Media in Gulf war. After the war he left Iraq to settle in Amman. When the truth was disclosed about the fake incubators story, Juma went to the States to sue VOA. He began his case in 1997 but gained nothing.
I dialed his number in Amman; his wife answered with a weak voice. "May I speak with Omer?" I asked. "No; he is not here." She said. "What is the suitable time to call him please?" I asked again. "Omer passed away in July 04". "Sorry for that" I told her. What could I say more? Omer loved Iraq very much; sometimes he was Iraqi more than the Iraqis themselves. He lived in Iraq for 20 years. Before coming to Iraq, he, like the other Palestinians, he went from country to another in Europe and Middle East. I could not forget his tears that I felt in his voice when I called him after Baghdad was occupied.
Omer Juma passed away, may ALLAH ALMIGHTY bless his soul. Always I ask myself how the Arabs did not die when Baghdad was occupied. They did not die. They do not care.
At night, the US military reported, "some Iraqi civilians were killed in Husayba when a US jet attacked a house used by the insurgents last Monday, not realizing noncombatants were also inside the house".
The Iraqi minister of defense and to the government spokesman confirmed, "We will never change our policy against those who are giving the insurgents shelters". Although a marine statement quoted a local Iraqi as saying the insurants forced their way into the house; killing two and then locked the other members of the family in a room...
"Some Iraqis", what a phrase used in the US military report. No numbers; no excuse. "SOME".
Note: the Iraqi Terrorism Act was approved to be an active Act. My blog, I mean what I am writing, is an act of terrorism because I am asking the others to be realize the situation in Iraq!!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Destroying the Iraqi Memory

Plz help me in protecting the Iraqi beautiful monuments.
I am sure that you heard about the statue of Abu Jaafer al-Mansour which was destroyed. Al-Mansour was the founder of Baghdad and the second Abbased caliph. He established Baghdad in 760AD.
Go to:
In the beginning the IMN, the official media net that directed by a Shiite said," Terrorists exploded the statue". But later on we discovered that Badr and Iranians destroyed it because he killed Abu Moslem al-Khurasani (one of the Persians who tried to topple the Abbaseds because they were Arabs); and two children of Al-Hassan (the son of Imam Ali)!! Khalid al-Rahhal, the famous Iraqi artist who died in 1988 did that statue.
Then the supreme committee of deba'thification ordered to destroy the monuments that called "the march" in Al-Alawi Sq and "Al-aseer" in Al-Mustansiriay Sq... Now the committee issued orders to destroy the Unknown Soldier and the Martyr monuments. According to that "something Al-Saeedi" who is in charge of culture and educating office in the committee, " they are destroying things have relation with Ba'th Party".. Yet indeed they are destroying every thing has relation with the war with Iran.
It is a well- planned campaign to erase the memory of the Iraqis especially the young generation. Of course do not forget that they robbed and destroyed the all Iraqi museums, libraries and documents.
Help us to protect two monuments recorded as the most beautiful in the area.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

i am confused

After 1636, what does Syria do?
What had happened against Iraq confused me.
During the Iran-Iraq war; the late Syrian President Hafiz Al-Asad did his best helping the Iranians who were killing the Iraqis. Now with the Iranian interfere in Iraqi internal affairs and exporting terrorists to Iraq we are discovering but late that Iran was began the war.. So in that eight year bloody war Syria gave every possible support to the Iranians. In 1991, Syria, again Hafiz Al-Asad allied with USA lunching one of the dirtiest war of the history against Iraq.. Not only Syria, but Egypt and other Arab States; and the all with the Arab League supported the unfair sanctions imposed on Iraq that killed 750 000 Iraqi children under five.
In turn, the first martyr on the Egyptian front during the October war 1973 was an Iraqi pilot called Mohammed. The Egyptian writer and novelist Jamal Al-Ghaytani wrote about wrote about the martyr Mohammed in his book "The Guardians of the Eastern Gate"- published in Cairo and Beirut 1979.. In that book Al-Ghaytani before being bought by the Kuwaitis in 1990-1991, he wrote about the Iraqi forces that contributed in protecting Damascus and liberating Sinai. Plus, Iraq was always close to the Arabs; but Arabs, the regimes not the nations insisted to kill the Iraqis with the American Administrations… The Arab Nations that are always ruled by unjust rulers and they have nothing to do but obey, I hope the Americans will not harm the Syrian people.
I am praying may AlMighty Allah protect the children not only in Iraq and Syria but in the whole world. Pray with us; may AlMighty give the American Administrations calm and quite mood to deal with the others as human beings.
I am confused.. I should pray for Syrians or not? The WHOLE WORLD contributed and still in killing the Iraqis; I hope this ugly world will do some thing for Syria..

The Halloween Culture

It is Halloween..
The festival of honoring the ancestors but those who occupied America through genociding millions of the Native Americans and taking their heritage converted this honoring festival to an American festival with all the American thoughts, ideas, techniques and mood making it a festival of horror and fun.. Exactly like the style of the American Administration, any administration. The Bush Administration is terrorizing the other countries and nations giving fun and safety to the Americans.
On the day of Halloween; while millions of the Americans were marching in the streets celebrating the occasion with pumpkins and masks; the secretary of the state department Rice with her team were "celebrating" the Halloween in the Security Council forcing the other members to be against Syria. She and her team were terrorizing Syria while the Americans in the streets were having fun. Syria does not know what to do except accepting the resolution 1636 waiting the American coming scenario praying to not be like Iraq.
While the American troops were attacking Qaim, about 500 west of Baghdad by the afternoon, sources from Qaim general hospital announced that the bombing killed 40 civilians wounding another 20; the majority of them were women and children. The spokesman of the American forces in Qatar told the media that they killed "foreign terrorists" and "the enemy" was firing back..
Yet the hospital sources insisted that the Americans bombed the civilians while the sheikh of a tribe in Qaim swore not having any "foreign terrorist" in Qaim. The Americans use to tell the media the same pretext while attacking the Iraqi cities and towns, "the foreign terrorists", yet till now we did not see any" foreign terrorists" on the TVs to believe their pretexts.
While the Americans are using pretexts; the Iraqi minister of defense was so ugly while trying to clarify the new American strike against Qaim. In his press conference, he put an American Halloween mask saying, "those whoa re sheltering the terrorists deserve even no single tear.. We should send them to the hell"!!
Sadoon Dulaimi, the so called minister of defense know that "if" there were foreign "terrorists" in the striked areas; they are staying without the knowledge of the ordinary people who are being killed every strike. Did ever Dulaimi ask him self why the American had the right to ask the help of other forces to invade Iraq and the Iraqis have not the same right to restore their country and dignity?
It is the last days of Ramadan, the days of more praying and asking AlMighty Allah to protect us, the Iraqis, not from the American but from their Iraq collaborators who are worse that the Americans in dealing with the Iraqis.
Duraid….., 27 years old Iraqi young was arrested by the Americans. He said that the Americans investigated with him for 10 minutes finding noting against him; he was submitted to the Iraqis authorities that released him after 38 days without any reason. Duraid told his friends," if an Iraqi detainee refused to cooperate with his American investigators; the Americans threatened to give him to the Iraqi National Guards!!!
The American occupiers and their Iraqi collaborators are playing the game of changing the places.. Always the looser is the Iraqi, especially the civilian.
This is the culture of the Halloween.. I do not know why do not the Americans re read their history to find who was the first terrorists and will the last also; I hope.

Lost and Found

Since ages I received nothing from my New Yorker beautiful friend "P". I have nothing to tell her.. What a great gap between Baghdad and New York.. How could I make her to imagine the Iraqi situation which is beyond imagination? I miss her always; yet have nothing to do…In her turn; she could do nothing. She participated in the demos refusing the war, the invasion and the aftermath occupation. She is participating in every single occasion asking the Administration to pull out the American forces. She knows that I lost hundreds of dreams to give the Americans and her SAFER WORLD.
To loss dreams… to loss friends… to feel alone… How could I make the Americans, of course not my friends P and the others, to feel these losses while they are living the American style of life; the consuming style of life… they are working the day to pay their debts. The debts are increasing. They have nights without dreams but nightmares of bankruptcy. How could I explain why my beloved friend P sent me the following song:
Lost and Found
by Patty Larkin
Hey, I'd like to apologize for the world
Being what it is
And hey
I'd like to shield your sorrow
Hey, you know it took imagination
For you to survive
And maybe
Make it to tomorrow
When all of your dreams come crashing down
And you stand at the door of the lost and found
Who loves you now
Who loves you
Take my outstretched hand in yours
And I'll take all the hours
Till dawn's outside your window
Hey, don't waste another moment
Alone in here
Shivering when the wind blows
When all of your dreams come crashing down
And you stand at the door of the lost and found
Who loves you now
Who loves you
No one can save you
From trials and demons
Nobody knows what you see
You can't walk on water
No matter what you believe in
But you can walk with me
When all of your dreams come crashing down
And you stand at the door of the lost and found
Who loves you now
Who loves you now
Who loves you now
Who loves me; the Iraqi woman who barely remembers her name and nothing else she had or did before the occupation?