Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Bells Ring In US; the Hearts Hear In Iraq

I am not writing every day because every minute there is some thing happening. I do not know what to write.. Yet I am writing today while the American (announced) death toll reached 2000 yesterday and the reports added another two today. Was it coincident to announce the (approval) of the Constitution in Iraq with the announcement of the figure (2000)?
As I used to say that President Bush needed the approval more than the Iraqis. In Iraq we knew that if a miracle would happen and the all said "NO" the result would be "YES". Bush needs to tell the Americans, the tax payers, that he achieved "some thing". The so called Constitution is an excellent pretext to convince the Americans that their children are not dying for nothing; they are dying to give the Iraqis a "democratic country"!!!
Since yesterday, the reports are speaking about the "2000" Americans; no report speaks about the Iraqis death toll! Till now we, the Iraqis, do not know how many Iraqis soldiers and officers were killed during the invasion? How many Iraqis, specially, the civilians were and are being killing every day?
The Americans are scarifying themselves; yet the truth is the Americans are dying for Bush and for his agenda. The Iraqis are dying for the same agenda.
If the reports are not speaking about the Iraqis; those Americans who know the truth are speaking about us and doing their best to make us feel that we are not alone.
A friend of mine forwarded the following message from Cathy Breen of the Voices in the Wilderness:
"Dear ……..,
Salaam Alechum. We just wanted you to
know of the Bell Ringing Ceremony which will be taking
place in 100 cities around the country and in the UK
and other places this week. We will be ringing a bell
each minute for 1,000 times in 100 cities to remember
our Iraqi brothers and sisters who have died.
We want to send a message to our Iraqi brothers and
sisters that we are grieving with them, and that we
are also remembering every Iraqi who has been wounded,
orphaned, widowed and tortured and detained or
disappeared. If you could help us get this into the
Iraqi news and TV we would be so grateful. You can go
to for photos, etc.
Please know that we carry you in our hearts and
prayers in these difficult times. Some of us are
observing the Ramadan fast with all of our Muslim
brothers and sisters around the world as a sign of our
Warmest regards, Cathy Breen (Voices in the Wilderness
New York city)."

I have nothing to say but thank you Cathy, thank you Voices; the organization that tried to be with the Iraqis while being sanctioned; now they are trying to be with the victims of their administration.
The bells will ring; our hearts will hear. Let us work hand by hand toward putting an end to this madness. Let us pray together.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Do Not Kill Our Children

On Sunday, only hours after the referendum, Americans killed 25 civilians in Ramadi, 20 children were among them! According to the sources of the Ramadi general hospital, the children were gathering near a destroyed humvee. An ID exploded killing five American soldiers and destroying the vehicle. The civilians gathered, as Iraqis; use to do even when a car bomb kills tens of them.
Americans did not kill the children for the first time. They use to kill Iraqi civilians by their "friendly fires" for different pretexts. Those children were killed to "protect the American military industry secrets". Although the Americans did not announce this pretext this time; but they used it when they killed ten of children in Haifa Street were gathering near a destroyed American tank.. Without any shame, their communiqué s stated that they were protecting their military industry secrets!! As if the Iraqi children are "James Bond"s..
On the same day, the American forces killed three from the bodyguards of the Diyala governor by "mistake".
Sorry for not writing daily. I am like the other Iraqis very confused waiting the official results of the referendum. Proudly I said NO. I am not against the State of law and Constitution; but I am against a constitution written by the Americans instructions.
Back to the killed children; we did not hear the high-ranking Iraqi officials condemning the crime. Why to condemn? They are from Ramadi that said NO to the constitution and before to the occupation. We need you to condemn as high as you could: DO NOT KILL THE IRAQI CHILDREN. Iraqi children have their enough. They are living under severe psychological conditions; about 60% from them are living under poverty line. Thousands of them became street children.
America invaded Iraq using many fake pretext; building the Iraqi future was among them.. What a future through killing Iraqi children?
Can anybody answer me?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Enjoy the Winter!

It is autumn (fall) the season that I love or loved when life was possible in Iraq as I say always.
Winter is coming.. Do you ever try to wait winter alone with no hope and dream?
It is the 25th winter in Iraq under wars, sanctions and occupation. Winter after another we began losing friends, relatives and beloved persons. It was a winter day when I lost my father years ago. He was 62 years old; passed away in his first heart attack. There were no medicines in the hospitals because of the sanctions!! It was a winter day when the Americans began with 2500 warplanes bombing Baghdad and Iraq; it was a winter day when the Americans again began invading my country.
Winter: the intimate love nights; the warm rain days; such winter is not in Iraq. Before the occupation I used to be friend with the first drop of the rain I could follow it on my window. Then follow it on the streets dancing with the lights of the cars. Now, I could not feel that drop because opening the window while American vehicles are in the streets would evoke the American soldiers who have the right to defend them selves and kill me.
Winter, occupation and alone!! Could you imagine?
Before the occupation, wars and sanctions, when my country had no diplomatic relations with USA, winter was beautiful in Iraq. In Iraq southern west desert, there was a winter resort. Ten of small villas, 15 apartments and a small restaurant located close to Sawa Lake, about 400 km south west of Baghdad. There in the desert, it was possible to catch a star; the sky was too near. That complex was looted and burnt in 1991 becoming a station for the smugglers in addition to those who left Iraq for different reasons and came back with the Americans!! Many of them worked as guides in front of the American forces!!
While I am writing my feelings, an ID exploded before a while in Baghdad, a car bomb killed 30 civilians in Tel Afer..
American and their Iraqi collaborators are ready to burn Iraq to make the Iraqis feel insecure forcing them to say "YES" in the Saturday referendum. We, the Iraqis, know very well that Bush needs the constitution more than us. He is trying to save his face; if there is a face.. Approving the constitution will give him that chance. We are going to say "NO". Yet we know that the constitution is being approved!
Winter; tiny peaces of clouds here and there are challenging the sun; managing to cover a part of it. We are like that clouds. We managed to disclose the American's agenda in our country and we will mange inshalalh to clean our country.
One winter we will feel the love again in Iraq. The American's agenda in Iraq took 30 years from my life.. How many 30 years I have more to enjoy life and winter?

انتهاكات قانونية و "نزاهة" المفوضية العليا المستقلة في العراق!!

يعرف العراقيون جيدا بأن الرئيس الامريكي بوش بحاجة الى "الدستور" العراقي اكثر من العراقيين، فهذا الدستور في حال اقراره سيمنحه بعض "الاحترام" في داخل امريكا و خارجها. و لهذا السبب و غيره فأن العراقيين يعرفون ايضا بأن "الدستور" سيمرر حتى و ان رفضته محافظات ثلاثة او ثلثي المصوتين.
و لاجل حفظ ما تبقى من ماء وجه بوش و الحكومة العراقية الانتقالية الثانية فأن الكثير من الاساليب غير الديمقراطية يلجأ اليها مشجعو "الدستور" و حجتهم "ترسيخ الدبمقراطية"!!
اذن في هكذا ظروف هل تستطيع المفوضية العليا المستقلة للانتخابات المحافظة على حيادها؟
في انتخابات كانون الثاني الماضي، اشار العديد من المراقبين المحليين و تقارير صحفية الى التجاوزات و الخروقات التي حدثت و لكن المفوضية التي تتبع الامم المتحدة اصرت بأن الانتخابات كانت "نزيهة".. و لكن جندي امريكي كشف هذه "النزاهة" قبل ايام و اكد التجاوزات التي ارتكبها السياسيون الاكراد للفوز خاصة في كركوك و الموصل.
هل النزاهة ممكنة الان و الاستفتاء على الدستور يعد ايام و الانتخابات العامة بعد شهرين؟
فجأة و دون سابق انذار تم نقل مسوؤل المفوضية في كركوك "ابراهيم يونس ابراهيم" و هو الميقل و الحيادي القادم من بغداد و تم استبداله بآخر كردي تم استقدامه من شمال العراق.
يقول السيد عبد الحميد الكركوكلي من لجنة التنسيق بين المفوضية و الجبهة التركمانية:
• لقد اكتشف السيد ابراهيم حالات تزوير كردية عديدة لتسجيل عشرات الالاف من الاكراد في كركوك و هم في الحقيقة ليسوا اصلا من كركوك. وقد طالبته بالاشارة الى تلك الانتهاكات لكنه خاف ان يقومون باغتياله. و المعنيون في التخلص من السيد ابراهيم هما رزكار علي، الكردي و رئيس مجلس المحافظة الكردي!! و عادل اللامي مسؤول الكيانات السياسية في المفوضية.
و اكد الكركوكلي بأن اللامي لعب اللعبة نفسها في الانتخابات الماضية حين قام بنقل يحيى العاصي، مسؤول المفوضية في كركوك حينها و استبداله بآخر كردي مما سهل تسجيل 108 الف ناخب كردي في كركوك لم يكونوا اصلا من كركوك. و قد تم نقل العاصي بأيام قبل الانتخابات.. و الان فأن استقدام مسؤول كردي يعني تمرير تسجيل 227 الف كردي تم جلبهم الى كركوك من القرى الجبلية فقط لتغيير الواقع الديموغرافي للمدينة التي يطالب بها الاكراد. و يؤكد وكلاء المواد الغذائية و الحصة التموينية من غير الاكراد في كركوك ما ذهب اليه الكركوكلي. فقد تمت اضافة عوائل كردية لا يسكنون كركوك ولا يستلمون حصصهم بل اان مسؤولا كرديا سمح للوكلاء بيع حصص الاكراد المضافين الى القوائم، فهؤلاء لا يأتون سوى في الاستفتاء و الانتخابات لتنفيذ السياسة الكردية.
و هل تعرف المفوضية بهذه الانتهاكات؟
يقول الكركوكلي:
• نعم، فقد قمنا بتوثيق الانتهاكات و التجاوزات القانونية و اجتمعنا مع مسؤولي المفوضة العليا في بغداد و الذين وعدونا بأخذ تقارير التجاوزات الى فحصها في الامارات العربية المتحدة و قمنا فعلا بتجهز التقارير و ترتيبها في صناديق لتسهيل نقلها و الصناديق تنتظر لحد الان ان تسأل المفوضية عنها!!!
و المعروف ان الرئيس الدوري للمفوضية من كركوك و هو لا يخفي قوميته التركمانية لكنه يصر على انه حيادي، و اكد شخص قريب منه بأن جهات كردية قامت بتهديد رئيس المفوضية عزالدين المحمدي ان اصر على ان يستمر حياديا.. و الحيادية تعني قطعا كشف التجاوزات بغض النظر عن قومية و مذهبية مرتكبها.
و في قراءة للقائمة التي اعلنها الدكتور فريد ايار عضو مجلس المفوضية و الخاصة بعملية تجديد سجل الناخبين نجد ان الاسماء المضافة في كركوك هي 227 الف و 253 شخصا و في الموصل 127 الف و 323 شخصا و في ديالى 101 الف و 644 شخصا من مجموع 947 الف و 132 شخصا تمت اضافتهم في المحافظات العراقية كلها. و ليس سرا ان جميع المضافين في كركوك و الموصل و ديالى من الاكراد فقط.
ان الامم المتحدة اعتمدت على قائمة بيانات الحصة التموينية في الانتخابات الماضية أي انها اصبحت القاعدة الرسمية المعتمدة دوليا في العراق. و استنادا الى هذه القاعدة فأن عدد المرحلين من كركوك قبل الاحتلال كان 11 الف و 160 كان التركمان يشكلون الربع تقريبا. و بعلية حسابية بسيطة انجزها حزب العدالة التركماني نجد ان هذا الرقم تضاعف الى اكثر من ربع مليون شخص. فعدد الناخبين المسجلين حاليا في كركوك هو 716 الف و بطرح الاضافة البالغة 227 الف يكون عدد الناخبين في انتخابات كانون الثاني الماضية 489 الف و قد بلغ عدد الناخبين في سنة 2000، قبل سقوط النظام، 435 الف و قد تمت تضافة 54 الف منذ سقوط النظام لحد الانتخابات الماضية و بلغت الاضافة منذ سقوط النظام و لحد الان 281 الف ناخب. و تخيلوا ان لهؤلاء الناخبين عوائل لتعرفوا العدد الحقيقي للاكراد الذين تم استقدامهم الى كركوك.!! كل هذا يحدث و المفزضية تؤكد على "النزاهة" و حتى بعد ان استقال مديرها في البصرة بسبب الفساد المالي و الاداري و فساد الذمة، كما قال في بيان استقالته.
يحتل الاكراد الذين تم ادخالهم الى كركوك منذ اولى ايام الاحتلال معظم البنايات الحكومية و معسكرات الجيش السابق و بيوت الضباط و من استطاعوا طرده من العرب فضلا على تجتوزاتهم على الاراضي الحكومية و الخاصة لبناء بيوتهم. و هذا دليل آخر على انهم ليسوا من كركوك خاصة و ان النظام السابق قام بترحيل الاكراد و التركمان الذين لم يكونوا من كركوك اصلا و الدليل بقاء الاف العوائل الكردية داخل كركوك دون ترحيل.
كان اولى المنشآت التي احتلها القادمون الاكراد هي المخيم الكشفي في حي الواسطي و الملعب الاولمبي في الشورجة. و يطلق اهالي كركوك على المخيم الكشفي الان اسم حي "الفرهود" لان من بين سكنيها من قام بنهب و حرق الدوائر و الممتلكات العامة. وقال كردي يسكن و اسرته في حالة مزرية في منازع الملعب الاولمبي بأن الرئيس جلال الطالباني كان قد منح كل عائلة كردية ترغب بالسكن في كركوك 250 الف دينار في الاشهر الاولى لسقوط النظام، و كان المبلغ حينها يساوي 100- 150 دولارا! مع وعود بحسين حالتهم ان شاركوا في الانتخابات و الاحصاء السكاني و بالفعل نفذوا المطلوب منهم لكنهم ما زالوا يعيشون في ظروف غير انسانية ليكونوا ادوات تنفيذ المخطط الكردي.
و الاكراد الذين استقدموا الى كركوك من اصول فقيرة بالضبط كما فعل صدام حسين مع فقراء الجنوب الذين اسقدمهم لتعريب كركوك. و اذ يفخر جلال الطالباني بعدم وجود متسول كردي في السليمانية فان جميع المتسولين في كركوك تقريبا هم اكراد قدم معظمهم من السليمانية خاصة بعد قرار القاء القبض على المتسسولين في السليمانية. و يضرب الطالباني عصفورين بحجر: يقضي على الظاهرة غير الحضارية و اعني المتسولين في السليمانية و يزيد من نسبة الاكراد في كركوك.
و الوضع "الديمقراطي" في اربيل لا يختلف كثيرا في اللجوء الى كل وسيلة "غير ديمقراطية" لتنفيذ المخطط الكردي. و المعروف ان اربيل كانت مدينة تركمانية بل و استنادا الى احصاء 1957 فأن التركمان في اربيل اكثر من كركوك. و كان الاكراد يأتون الى المدينة من الجبال و القرى المحيطة بأربيل للعمل بأجور يومية في البنلء و الزراعة و استمر التركمان اكثرية لغية نهاية ستينيات القرن الماضي و مع اشتداد الحرب الشمالية اضطر الالاف من العائل الكردية ترك منازلها في الجبال و القرى بسبب القصف و اغمض صدام حسين عينيه بل و ساعد من خلال بناء قرى عصرية في تكريد اربيل. في اربيل منعت السلطات الكردية من رفع اية لافتة تحث على قول "لا" للدستور، و كانت هذه السلطات قد منعت الناخبين من استخدام اقلامهم بل اجبروهم على استخدام اقلام رصاص و قاموا بمسح تأشيرات الناخبين ووضعوا ما يفيدهم للفوز. و تم تسجيل هذه الانتهاكات و لكن المفوضية المستقلة اصرت و تصر على عدم وجود انتهاكات.
و قطعا فان واضعوا الدستور قد انتهوا من وضع مراسم الاحتفال بعد ان يتم فرز الاصوات و نجاح "ديمقراطية" امريكا في العراق.


Sorry for not being with you last week. It was the first week of Ramadan; the most ritual month for us the Moslems. I hope the last word "Moslems" will not evoke those Americans who are offending and sending me to the hell only because I am telling the truth. The Americans, of course I am not speaking against them all because I have tens of Americans friends who are very noble, I mean those who are attacking my blog have nothing to defend their administration faults in destroying my country. Their faults generated more than 100 000 Iraqi civilian causalities and more than 2000 Americans soldiers were killed (of course it is the announced number!!).
I will not answer those American who are asking me to go to the hell because I am living already in the hell. Bush managed to convert Iraq from a dream into hell. I ask them to read Jimmy Massey book "KILL...KILL...KILL". Jimmy was with the American Marines for the last 12 years; he was in Iraq in the last 24 months. In Iraq, he discovered that they did not go to liberate the Iraqis as he was told but to destroy the country and kill the civilians. The American authorities did not allow publishing his book in American, so he published it in Paris. I hope the all Americans will read the book to discover the truth; then they will decide to send Bush to the hell.
I am writing to make you feel us in Iraq. I do appreciate your tears; yet we need an action that could stop this absurd.
Still the Americans, if they are friends or not, owe us, the Iraqis, because we are dying to give them a safer world!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Another Victim

A new black banner in our area mourns the martyr Atheer Abdul Khalik Al-Tarfy, 25 years old who was killed by dirty criminals.
I saw the banner yesterday; Atheer was killed two days ago.
Atheer was on his way home coming from Baghdad. He was in a minibus with 10 other passengers. In Al-Udhaim, the town about 110km north of Baghdad, they should slow down because of an American patrol. Americans has the right of firing any car alleging self defense; especially Al-Udhaim is a dangerous place for the Americans
All of sudden one of the Americans humvees stopped. One of its wheels needed to be changed. The driver of the minibus did know what to do. They are going to shot his minibus if he would stop. So he decided to drive slowly; as soon as he became close to the Americans; one American soldier opened his fire right and left killing 9 passengers; Atheer was one of them.
At home, Al-Hurra, the American TV directed to the Iraqis and Arabs, was interviewing Abbas Al-Bayati, the member of the so called national assembly and two politicians about the law of fighting the terrorism in Iraq. According to Al-Bayati red in the drafting law the terrorist is every body kills, blackmails, terrorizes, threatens, horrified the others; exactly what the Americans are doing in Iraq.
The American Administration is leading the international terrorism in Iraq, Afghanistan and in 45 other countries where the American forces are being deployed.
This administration, whoever the president is, terrorizes not only the world but the American themselves. Please read this important book "The Cultural Cold war" and you will discover the crimes committed by different American presidents against the Americans for almost 50 years until the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Monday, October 03, 2005

The Mother's Agony

All the Iraqis are terrorists until the occupation authorities will prove it!! Every Iraqi mother could not sleep the night; she stays worrying until the morning; fearing of the after midnight unwelcomed visitors.
There are continuous raids, especially at nights, every where in Iraq. American forces and Iraqi National Guards have the right to enter any house without asking permission. We are being ruling by the American Terrorism Act.
I heard that my friend Amel Kadhim Swadi was arrested with her younger son Safa, 17 years old. The both stayed in custody the whole night in Baghdad air port. By the way one of the American giant achievements in Iraq we should admit is that they converted the all Iraq civilian and military air ports to jails; then by the cooperation with the Iraqi authorities they managed to make the whole Iraq a prison; the largest prison in the world which is worthy to genius book; a prison with 26 million prisoners capacity.
Amel, a well known lawyer who used to defend the Iraqi detainees, lives in Al-Khadhra neighborhood west Baghdad. Last Saturday, at 8pm, she was driving to the near supermarket with her daughter and two sons; the elder Zaid is a lawyer too.
As soon as she left the garage; she was astonished by an American patrol and a strong spot light on her face. She decided to return home but a loudspeaker ordered her to stop.
She did. Many American soldiers came to check. They searched them. Then they used detector pads and deciding that they suspected the younger son whom they will arrest. Amel tried to protect her son asking them to arrest her with him because she knew that her son did nothing. They blocked the area; cuffed the hands of the son and the mother. About 10pm, many humvees came to the location. Ten of the Americans created a human shield beginning another round of searching. Then they decided to detain the son and the mother. Amel was put in a humvee blind folded while her hands cuffed behind her back. The son, Safa, was taken by another humvee; again he was blind folded and his hands cuffed behind.
They were taken to Baghdad air port to be investigated. They were asked many questions.
"Are you Shiite or Sunni?" they asked. "I am a Moslem", she answered. "You should answer Shiite or Sunni?", a Moslem, Amel insisted. "From where you are?" they asked. "I am from Misan, Emara", Amel said. "So you are a Shiite". "We are Moslems, my husband is from Mosul, and we live in Baghdad", Amel told them adding, "You are trying to separate Sunnis and Shiites to destroy my country". Then one of them recognized her. "As if I saw you before" told her. "Sure because I am the layer of the detainees and visit all your prisons", she said adding, "In your country you could not meet a lawyer without a previous date; but here you are insisting on humiliating the Iraqis".
Then they opened her eyes began behaving politely.. Amel and son were freed at 5am. While leaving the agte, a female American soldier put her hand in Amel's pocket!! At home she discovered that she put $20 in her pocket.. She did not know how to explain this $20! Did the American soldier was trying to apologize and finding no other way? Was she trying to give her the rent of a taxi back to home? Or she was trying to humiliate her again?
Amel has no clue. Now she is looking for a house close to her family to feel safe. Amel told me," Now I will intensive my work more and more. I know that most of the Iraqi detainees are being detained for doing nothing. They arrest any body then they forget him in the jail".
Last March, at 4.30 am, the curfew ends at 5am, my door was knocked strongly. I opened the door. 18 ING with their officer asked me to allow them in. "with whom are you living here?" the officer asked politely. "With my son", I answered. "do you let us to search the house?". "Yes".
Then the officer asked again, "Is ………. Your son?". "yes". "where is he?" " Sleeping in his room."
I felt as if he will go to awake him. So I asked him to let me awake him. As soon as I entered my 22 years old son room; the officer radioed his commander," Sir we arrested the TARGET".
I was astonished telling them," My son did nothing. You could not take him alone. I will come with him."
They refused. My son asked them to let him change his clothes. "We are not taking you to a picnic", one of the soldiers told him.
The officer felt my agony; he asked the soldiers to not cuff his hands in front of my hands.
I will never ever forget my son looking at me asking by his eyes if I am going let them to take him alone.
Written on Oct. 1st
As soon as they took my son, I began praying. I do not what to do, whom to call. With the dawn call of prayer I begged AL-MIGHTY ALLAH to bring my son back. My phone began ringing. The porter of our building asked me down to "receive" my son.
There was no power. I went 13 floors down. The officer apologized saying that they had a report accusing my son; but they discovered that he is a university student who did nothing; still he should take care of his behavior!! I had nothing to say but alhamdulklilah "thank to Allhah".
It is easy to write now but then only Allah knows how much I cried; how many bad thoughts I had. Till now, whenever my door being knocked I become afraid.
written on Oct 1st.

A Different Day; But....

(The following posts were delayed because the power was cut off for long hours last days)

A group of talented artists, musicians and painters, gathered today in "Qishla" hall in Kerkuk playing ud and violins and exhibiting paintings. They were trying to give color and taste to an Iraqi day; trying to make it different.
They succeeded although the paintings were reflecting the every day pain and violence. The painters used bright colors giving some feeling to blood was shed before a while somewhere in Iraq.
Qishla, a Turkish word means the place where the army stay at the winter, built by the Otomans about 200 years ago. Qishla was maintained a decade ago and became the Kerkuk museum. As the other Iraqi museums, Qishla bombed, looted and burnt in 1991 and 2003.
The Union of the Turkmen Artists decided to maintain the old building and today they were showing their first activity. "We will survive", the music, paintings and the eyes were saying.
(........) the communist poet who left his southern town 30 years ago hiding himself in Kerkuk became a follower of Muqtada showing his "NO" to the occupation.. The poet told me, "They are working against us, the followers of Muqtada". Who are they? "Those who are working against the Iraqis". He answered adding," They arrested Abu Nadhim along with his four young sons and Abu Hameed with his three sons week ago. Then the freed them but keeping one son from each family arrested".
I closed my eyes trying to enjoy the music but a boom sound came forcing me back to the real life.. Is it life?
Since the sanctions I used to say, "I am surviving not living". I guess you know the difference between surviving and living.
The Union did an excellent job. Qishla became a wonderful piece of architect yet one can feel its wounds while touching the white gypsum walls.
On my way back home; an ID exploded targeting a police patrol. The incident took place in a crowded place. Two policemen and four civilians were killed.
I am writing now while it is raining outside. The first drops paving the way for the winter.
WINTER, the season I love. Do I love it till now? I could not answer. The rain is knocking the window; recalling the previous winters. How warm were the previous winters when love and dream were possible without any fear. Love became pain in Iraq. the Americans "friendly bullet" or a car bomb can easily steal the beloved persons. How much the heart, any heart, can bear losing the beloved persons?
Written on Sep 30th.