Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Between the Zarqawi Hard Place and the American Rock!

Yesterday five members of one family, three children in Diyala, 70km northeast of Baghdad. US military forces admitted the crime saying in their communiqué," they were killed by mistake!!". Another communiqué stated, "the driver failed to stop at the checkpoint". Days ago, an American tank crushed a car killing a whole family in Doura-Baghdad. The driver did not failed to stop but the Americans vehicles have the right of crushing any car while patrolling in the streets and the pretext is "self defense"
With in three days more than 200 civilians and 25 police and INGs were killed; more than 200 wounded in suicide attacks in Baghdad and other parts of Iraq. As usual Zarqawi announced responsibility.
Zarqawi is killing; his pretext is saving the Iraqis from the infidel Americans; the Americans are killing; their pretext is saving the Iraqis from the terrorists and fundamentalists!! The Iraqis do not know how to defend and save their lives!!
Back to the American's checkpoints; the Americans shot a friend of mine because he failed to stop at the checkpoint in Doura-Baghdad. There were 36 bullets in his car and more than 20 shrapnels in his face and body. According to the report he was given by the Americans themselves he was fired 100 meters away from the checkpoint!! My friend, who studied law, went to the compensation committee for the damages of his car. There he did not see the judge (an American)between them. An Iraqi translator was between the hall where the judge was and the waiting hall where the Iraqis should stay. Such judges could be seen only in Iraq. My friend did not know if the translator was accurate enough in conveying the "messages" between the Iraqis and the American judge!!
Back to Zarqawi; the number 2 US commander in Iraq said today that the DNA approved Zarqawi was not among those who were killed in Mosul three days ago. Then the Americans said that they bombed a house where eight of Al-Qaeda leaders.
What could the Iraqis do except dying?
The family of Zarqawi expelled him from the tribe after the terrorist attacks of Amman. In a letter published in the Jordanian dailies; his brother said that Abu Musab astonished him by attacking the Jordanian!! This brother was not astonished while Abu Musab is killing the civilian Iraqis all over Iraq every day.. on the contrary, the family was always very proud of the son heroic actions!!
Whom we could blame?
Again I am asking the Americans to thank the Iraqis; they owe us; we are dying to give them a safer world!! Till when the world will leave Bush continuing his war against terrorism in Iraq?
Defiantly no body have the answer; while Bush confirms every day his staying in Iraq until "our goals will be achieved"..