Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Destroying the Iraqi Memory

Plz help me in protecting the Iraqi beautiful monuments.
I am sure that you heard about the statue of Abu Jaafer al-Mansour which was destroyed. Al-Mansour was the founder of Baghdad and the second Abbased caliph. He established Baghdad in 760AD.
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In the beginning the IMN, the official media net that directed by a Shiite said," Terrorists exploded the statue". But later on we discovered that Badr and Iranians destroyed it because he killed Abu Moslem al-Khurasani (one of the Persians who tried to topple the Abbaseds because they were Arabs); and two children of Al-Hassan (the son of Imam Ali)!! Khalid al-Rahhal, the famous Iraqi artist who died in 1988 did that statue.
Then the supreme committee of deba'thification ordered to destroy the monuments that called "the march" in Al-Alawi Sq and "Al-aseer" in Al-Mustansiriay Sq... Now the committee issued orders to destroy the Unknown Soldier and the Martyr monuments. According to that "something Al-Saeedi" who is in charge of culture and educating office in the committee, " they are destroying things have relation with Ba'th Party".. Yet indeed they are destroying every thing has relation with the war with Iran.
It is a well- planned campaign to erase the memory of the Iraqis especially the young generation. Of course do not forget that they robbed and destroyed the all Iraqi museums, libraries and documents.
Help us to protect two monuments recorded as the most beautiful in the area.