Thursday, November 10, 2005

No Dispute!

The two main Kurdish parities: PUK of the Iraqi transitional president Jalal Talbani and KDP of Masoud Barzani are ready to forget their disputes for the coming elections. They are ready to shake hands working together toward controlling Iraq more and more. Iraqis will never forget, should the Kurds not forget too, that in August 1996, Barzani asked Saddam's help to save KDP and Erbil from PUK. Then the Iraqi forces entered Erbil to rescue Barzani raising the flag now being refused by Barzani himself. "WE do not raise a flag under which my people were killed". He pretends to forget that under the same flag he was saved… he pretends forgetting being close from Saddam…
Whatever, the disputes are still under the ashes. For example "Asiacell" a mobile phone company that owned by Hero Talbani, Jalal's wife and a Kurdish business man from Sulaimaniya is working almost all over Iraq except Erbil. In their turn, in Erbil they have their own company. A Kurd from Sulaimaniya could not contact another Kurd in Erbil by Asiacell, and vice versa, there are not exchanged nets between the two companies.
Last week, I was in Erbil for a small vacation. I took the attached photo. PUK (green) the color of Talbani party xed by yellow (Barzani's color), the banners are here and there in Erbil. It is a gesture says, "We do not want you".
Who could say there is no dispute…?