Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Death Squads!

On the last day of the Cairo meeting, the different Iraqi parties and movements approved the final communiqué; among them was the association of the Moslem scholars. The Association was attacked a lot of being an apologist of the "terrorist" yet the Association ask always to recognize the Iraqi resistance and the others should differentiate between the resistance and the terrorism. The Iraqis had a deep breath for the apparently success of the Cairo meeting. They felt it was a step toward stop the coming well- planned civil war.
BUT; the DEATH SQUADS wearing police and ING uniform; driving four wheel vehicles that used by the high-ranking officials continue their work in targeting the Suunis. Today Sheikh Kadhim Sarhid al-Hemaiyem, a Suuni leader was killed along with three sons and a son in law in Baghdad; one month ago the same SQUADS killed his elder son. Two days ago another Sunni religion man with two his sons were killed. Many Sunnis were arrested in Baghdad, Diyala and other parts of Iraq. Today, a new operation began against Ramadi, about 80km west of Baghdad. Ramadi is the main city of Anbar province; Falluja, Qaim and Haditha are parts of the same province.
Civil war is a Shiite-Kurdish dream and plan. Shiites are after their region or their independent state to be linked with Iran. Kurdish and according to Barzani, "will announce our independent state if a civil war begin."
Sunnis were blamed for boycotting the political process in so called the "NEW IRAQ"; now they are trying to be a part of this process but there is "who" is trying to stop them.
The Iraqis, Sunnis and Moqtada followers feel that Badr Forces, the militia of SCIRI, are after the death squads. They labeled these forces as "GHADR FORCES- the treachery forces". These forces were trained in Iran and now they are the Iranian trend Shiite parties strong hand in Iraq.
When the former transitional prime minister Ayad Allawi tried to dismantle the militias of the political parties; Badr forces became Badr Organization; a political organization with tens of thousands fighters.
To be fair; I should say that the death squads are targeting not only the Sunnis but also the Shiites who were pilots and officers in the former Iraqi army; the Shiite Ba'thists, the Shiite academics.
To be fair again; many Iraqis believe that US occupation forces are after the death squads as a tool to stay more in Iraq; they also believe that US and Israel are after killing the Iraqi academics.
WHO ever is; the result is the same: killing the Iraqis; forcing the intellectual to flee and destroying Iraq and the Iraqi value scale more and more.