Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Saddam the "Value"!

On May 1st 2003; Bush announced that he liberated Iraq to save the Iraqis from the tyrant bringing to them the human rights according to the international laws, charters and accords The tyrant who spent 35 years killing and torturing the Iraqis. Yet the US military forces and their Iraqi collaborators forgot the Human Rights Charter in Iraq. The Americans are fighting the terrorism on the Iraqis account to give the Americans a safer world while the Iraqi collaborators are achieving the agendas of the countries they spent the years of exile. Whenever the Iraqis asked and still about their rights; the answer was and still, "could you dare to ask Saddam?"
When the Abu Gharib scandal discovered and hundreds of Iraqi detainees were tortured, humiliated and sexually abused; the Americans and the new Iraq high ranking officials were trying to defend them selves saying, "but Saddam used to torture the detainees"!! When the International Transparency announced Iraq as the most corrupted country in the world; the new Iraq ministers say, "but Saddam was corrupted"!!
Last week, on the day the Pentagon admitted using the lethal White Phosphorous against the "enemy" in Falluja- November-December 2004; the US military forces announced discovering an underground prison administrated by the ministry of interior affairs. The news bulletins put the admitting once putting the new Iraqi scandal every hour. 176 detainees mostly Sunnis were tortured. Those who were in charge of torturing used the same torture machines used under Saddam. Again, trying to defend themselves; the high ranking officials of the ministry said, "but Saddam and his followers used to torture the prisoners"!!
So those who came in the pretext of saving the Iraqis from Saddam but Saddam became their "value". They are not dealing with the Iraqis like him but they are competing him trying to be better than him in harming the Iraqis.
To be fair they could not compare themselves with Saddam. to be fair they should compare year by year. In the first two years Saddam did not kill about 150 000 civilians, did not steal about $10 billion. So we can imagine what will be happen to Iraq and Iraqis after 35 years. Then they can compare themselves with their "value" Saddam.
According to the available reports, 150 000 civilian Iraqis were killed from the beginning of the American invasion till the last week. Iraq became the most danger place to live in. Iraq became the poorest despite the vast national recourses; about 60% from the Iraqi labor forces are jobless. There is shortage in fuel although Iraq is one of the largest oil producers countries in the world. Despite the donations; the reconstruction did not begin.
In new Iraq, sex trafficking, drugs and street children became phenomenon that we did not know under Saddam. yet the most dangerous phenomenon is the death squads. Unknowns wearing police uniforms; driving police four wheel vehicles are kidnapping and killing tens every week and the ministries of defense and interior are observing silently. The international rate of the terrorist actions is 10 victims per operation; in Iraq it is 23 victims per operation!!
Long live New Iraq.