Friday, December 16, 2005

"779" the PKK List Participating in the Iraqi Elections!

Sorry for not being with you through my blog. I was busy; I was not busy.. I wrote lot of things but in Iraq every moment there is something worthy to be documented. Yet what had happened in the "very" democratic "elections" is worthy to be on the blog.

"Hizb al-hal al-democrati al-kurdistani- the Party Kurdistan Democratic Solution" is a "Kurdish" party that occupied a luxury apartment owned by a former high ranking Iraqi official at Abu Nuwas Street in Baghdad in the first weeks of the occupation. .The party organized many press conferences but always their statements were ambiguous.
The Party moved to another building in Baghdad; raising PKK flags every often. Yet; many Iraqi and international media networks discovered the Party is representing PKK while the American authorities in Iraq used to announce their support to the Turkish governments against PKK.
Nechervan Barzani, the Prime Minister of Erbil thanked Turkey for the help in digging the oil wells in Zakho- northern Iraq, 16 km far from the Turkish borders. According to Barzani, "Turkey allowed to locate part of the digging platform in Turkish territory". In the same time, PKK using its "Iraqi" name "Al-Hal" is participating in the lections under the numbers 779.
The candidates should be Iraqis holding Iraqi IDs and the Ration Cards, the data base of the ration cards is the base recognized by the Electoral Commission that put the conditions for the nominees who should represent Iraqi political parties and movements. The question is: from where PKK members in Iraq did get Iraqi documents?
Many Iraqi parties are saying since April 03 that many non Iraqis are interfering in the Iraqi internal affaires working with political parties that are ruling Iraq since then. Now, the Electoral Commission that should prove its integrity by comparing the numbers of the new "issued" ration cards with the numbers of the former Iraqi ministry of trade; there are the numbers of the ration cards of those who were expelled.
According to this the electoral commission had to believe those who are speaking about the participation of non Iraqis in the last elections and constitution referendum. That participation which made certain parts won on the account of other parts. Such violations would change the results of the coming elections and would change the history of Iraq.
To keep Iraq united needs huge efforts and the big player is the Electoral Commission that supposed to be independent; yet the commission announced that the voting in the last elections and referendum was "clean" without major "violations"!!
If the participation of non Iraqis is not a major violation; who could help the Iraqis and define the term "Violation"?
The main players in Iraq are continuing their roles toward dividing the country otherwise the scheme of a bloody civil war are ready waiting the results of the coming elections.


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stop this anti-kurdish rubbishness...hate will only make u worse

2:31 AM  
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